Bounty Block, New WAX Airdrop rules, Beast Gardens, Splinterlands, & Hashkings updates

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Bounty Block, Beast Gardens, Splinterlands, Hashkings, & #stashpass are going to be the focus of todays write up. At the end ill go over a few collections with Earning mechanics I have profited on lately.

Unfortunately the WAX airdrops have continued to be abused by individuals double claiming. I dislike that I have to state the following but the WAX airdrops from now on will have to be changed. The details on the WAX Airdrop changes at the end of this write up.

I keep pointing out it is very simple to earn money on Beast Gardens simply get $2.50 worth of BGALPHA (WAX Alt). Use the 400 BGALPHA to place bids on the minipack in the game auction market.
The minipack which has cost me 400 BGALPHA ($2.50) I then sell for...

Easy as that rinse repeat, or if you are feeling lucky the NFT cards can get quite expensive for the rare ones.
I have gotten 2 Epic Beast Garden NFTs from these packs usually selling for around $15-$20. However the usual result is $1 common Beast Garden NFT meaning like Splinterlands its safer to sell the packs.
Why the obsession with Beast Gardens all of a sudden? Two reasons really the plant packs which will allow players to evolve their Beast NFTs. As well as the fact WAX cloud wallet just added Beast Gardens to their list of Dapps.
The Game Play has vastly improved already this 3v3 TCG P2E WAX Blockchain Game is living up to & surpassing its potential I seen in it months ago at launch.
Recently they added player account names instead of just using your WAX wallet name. Paid Leader Boards, new level increase rewards for your account, & more.
When the level of your accounts Battle pass increases Unlocked with BGALPHA. You earn more crypto per level with each win or hour depending on which of the 3 Beast Gardens crypto gets a bonus.

On top of the earning bonuses the Battle pass has exclusive Battle monsters NFTs only obtainable through Battle pass.

So Player Incentives that's a big check ✔️, project progression✔️, consumer interaction ✔️, & sustained demand✔️.

Beast Gardens checks ✔️ every quality I look for in a solid play to earn. On top of that its damn near free at $3 being the required colterol for 3 Beast NFTs.

There are already 5 earning Mechanisms for various crypto or NFTs in the game & even burn / blend use cases for the Beast NFTs.
Now there are 2 forms of matches you can play Lazy PVP the new one is shown above.
Imagine if you will a set it & forget it method to ranked matches in Splinterlands. I present to you Lazy PVP the embodiment of that concept in Beast Gardens.

You Set up your Team & wait they then fight your team V.S other players teams over the next day earning BGALPHA for each win.
Feeling up to a match or two Beast Garden has got you covered as the trainer battles are still available.
If Lazy Battles wasn't enough the other new update is the Beast Garden Plant NFTs & their passive earning Mechanism.
I suggest reading the whitepaper plants get complex but the TLDR Plants Produce Fruit Pieces Enough fruit pieces combine to make a Fruit NFT. When used on Beast NFTs you increase stats or evolve them.
They even opened an in game shop for Beast Garden player WAX NFT market listings.
These Plant Packs launched & undersold before the sale ended making the plants extremely rare I bought a Pack (even rarer) I wouldn't drop $40 on a dud.

Start playing here (WAX)
Market & pack drops here

Hash Kings

Now with Hashkings tackling 2 major issues with its game mechanics I believe BUDS are due to rally in price.
Due to this multiple plat option for planting watering & Harvesting plants it has become far easier to mass produce BUDS. This has caused inflation due to their BUDS crypto usages being limited.
Most things in game you can spend BUDS or other HIVE Alts such as ONEUP, DEC, PIZZA, SWAP.HIVE, HBD & so on. This is except for the MOTA Pool Which only uses BUDS for Crypto.

As a result the player base sells BUDS in Mass driving down the price. How do you combat this in an economic system such as a blockchain game? Simple increase incentive to either hold on to or Burn the Buds instead of trading out of them.

You should & I do keep up on the news with play to earn games I am invested in Last week the Hashkings Hive account announced they are making a BUDS Staking system.
In addition to the BUDS Staking system it appears they will soon have Bang Defense utilize BUDS in their games tokenomics model.
This creates a genuine incentive to Save or utilize BUDS as appose to trading them. As a good way to handle the BUDS price drop these improvements are great.

The Bang Defense Pre Sale Starts on April 1st you might want to mark your calendar.

Bang Defense Website
Looks Like @choof made some Cosmetic Weedcash Bang Defense NFTs you can find them here.

Block Bounty

This Website is an immeasurably valuable tool for P2E Game NFT or Dapp developers. Block Bounty will be partially how I'm handling my WAX NFT airdrops from now on.

Block Bounty tools for Developers allow for many Airdrop options which is Why I'm handling WAX NFT drops partially through the Block Bounty now.
This is but a portion of what Blockchain bounty offers for free the paid service options are crazy.
Blockchains supported include ETH, MATIC, EOS, TELOS, WAX, WARBIL, PROTON, TEZOS, ALGORAND, & VELAS.
So while yes I always prefer WAX there are other options & many are more familiar with say MATIC.
Contests Challenges Give away events routed through twitter or other social media Block Bounty makes the Airdrops simpler secure.
Ill elaborate more on my WAX NFT airdrops later their changes how to participate ect.
I recommend Dapp Devs for Rising Star or Hashkings check out Bounty Block as Hashkings has their crypto on MATIC & Rising Star has WAX NFT packs & MATIC integration.


I have a few things to get out about Splinterlands real quick like. First their new Airdropped card for Chaos legion Packs has recently been added that's important. After I go over the new card & its pricing what that means ect I would like to negate some negative opinions of Splinterlands profit potential I have seen recently.
So I'm going to inject some knowledge all up in your brain real quick.
So the new legendary chaos legion card currently sells for around $16 - $20 on the in game market.
With 10,000 in circulation this is a fairly impressive price point.
Compare this with say IZA THE FANGED another Airdropped legendary Chaos Legion card with roughly 5,000 more in circulation. IZA THE FANGED sells for only $4.30 but why?
My best guess is the value is routed in both rarity & utility see the Iza The Fanged card isn't that useful.
This is why cards released before Iza The Fanged retain a higher value they are in higher demand due to their utility value.
So what's the Utility value of Carnage Titan, due to its stats & abilities fairly high as it turns out. While yes some of its price can be attributed to scarcity the usefulness is such that it should retain a fairly consistent demand regardless of supply.
With the SPS airdrop coming to an end soon we need to rethink the value of the Splinterlands NFTs. As appose to relying upon the points given towards the airdrop to establish earning potential. You instead look toward usefulness in a match a utility valued measured by the value of its usage.


This brings me to my second point there are a few PublishOx posts I have come across telling new users not to bother with Splinterlands as they will likely not profit.

Coming from someone who has been here a while now they are wrong with this assumption. The Splinterlands economy is a fluid system subject6 to rapid changes. Look at the Waka Spiritblade launch for example an unexpected massive change to the game economy.
I have been playing Splinterlands long enough to know there is always something good just around the corner while yes right now its a buyers market this will not last forever.

You can still say this game is profitable you simply need to look for less conventional methods to profit then a few months ago but yet its still possible.

It takes $10 for a spell book but you can start your Splinterlands journey via the link below.

Recent Success

I have a few P2E collections not deserving of a whole section that have been fairly profitable lately.
Monster Fight not fully rolled out yet but I have been Minting Monster NFTs through Breeding & Egg hatching as well as minting Skill NFTs via the Gnome shed.
Monster Fight still in its infancy has good bones to start with thus far but where it goes from here is anyone's guess.
Another P2E Title heavy on the earn as of late is ZBC Miner little rudimentary but decent for profiting in the long term.
I got this out of a $0.38 pack its worth...
So a little over 100x the purchase price not bad right, ZBC Miner gets better as I'm currently on their leader boards for 2 WAX prizes on the 1st 4/1/2022. 1st place in the world in one category & 3rd place in another both have cash (WAX) prizes for placing this high.
That's me akyqy.wam in first place world wide in the Chopped ticket section for Zombie Coin Miner.
3rd place for the march mining tickets as well both have the following prize.
100 WAX for 3rd place & 200 WAX for 1st place 300 WAX total not bad at all + I profit on the NFTs their crypto & NEFTY generation all total well above $500 this month once I get my Prizes on 4/1/2022. Granted I spend about $60 or so but most of that is recouped via NEFTY generation & NFT or crypto sales.
I did a great guide for ZBC miner link below
Blockchain RPG not my favorite play to earn but I was lucky enough to get the rarest NFT drop in the game.
Only 12 minted (found) thus far & it was totally free I can sell 1 for around $40.
Found on the Forest mission of Blockchain RPG I got it with one of my 3 free daily missions.

WAX NFT Airdrop new instructions

Due to individuals wishing to manipulate my give away system by claiming multiple airdrops unfortunately I have had to make some changes. Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter address in the comments on HIVE get a WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system. Those who use the twitter method get a single WAX NFT.

I apologize for the changes some people decided to keep gaming the system & Bounty Block allows me to blacklist, I hate being the bad guy I tried to keep things fair, but here we are.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter account on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of

For those that for whatever reason dont want to use your twitter account you can leave your WAX address instead.

WAX NFT airdrop URL

Now this Airdrop will be a singular event every other give away facilitated through the comments on the HIVE post.

Chubbs NFT Stash Pass

A project which I just started has had a fantastic reception thus far by the market at large. Facilitated through the Weedcash NFT store my #stashpass NFT colection features a monthly lottery of sorts in which the account holding the right 3 NFTs + a Pass NFT wins NFT prizes from my own HIVE NFT stash.

Full details found here

The NFT / Crypto prizes & winning accounts that won are announced on the 20th of each month starting 4/20/2022.

I even give out exclusive #stashpass NFT via a HIVE user only NFT airdrop instructions follow.

You Can buy & sell #stashpass NFTs on the Weedcash NFT market for WEED.

Stash Pass

For HIVE users only.

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly airdrop NFT program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of cannabis NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here

Details on the monthly #stashpass HIVE NFT / crypto giveaways found here.


I have managed to claim the airdrop, thanks !


Thanks for letting myself & other readers know

What would happen if giant ducks roam the land?

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If you’ve still got NFTs leftover, I’d be happy to take one off you’re hands! WAX address: mzrhi.wam


I Apologize for the delay I sent the Beast Garden NFT shown below to the address provided
With this NFT you can generate 2 different WAX alts in the P2E WAX Blockchain Game Beast Gardens
Beast Gardens Game


Thank you! No need to apologize, I'm just grateful to you for doing these very generous giveaways. I appreciate it very much!

Yeah Enjoy the NFT like I said that Beast Garden asset generates 2 forms of crypto one is done automatically hourly simply log in to claim.

I received straight Ds in all my biology classes in college
I guess I’m bio-D-grade-able

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Please note there have been major changes to the WAX NFT airdrops due to individuals abusing the system I have 5 more NFTs to give away one per person comment your twitter account or WAX address to claim 1. Full details in todays post above

ID: ponnponnpardon



I Apologize for the delay I sent the Beast Garden NFT shown below to the twitter account via DM facilitated through Block Bounty WAX Gifting.
Thanks for participating & let me know if you experience any issues
Beast Garden Game

No worries! It was really a bit different than the usual claim links, but it worked well! Only had to accustom to this new claiming site!

Awesome these Giveaways allow me to have blacklisting authority for accounts that abuse the NFT airdrops It is good to hear that it works alright

great broh, thanks for info about bountyblock it will be very useful for me since. I am preparing a nft project my addresses are:
wax: ofhwa.wam

I sent you a special edition #stashpass to the Hive address shown above viewable here
The First winner(s) of the #stashpass NFT give away will be announced 4/20/2022 good luck to you.
As for WAX I sent the NFT panda to the WAX address provided , part of the play to earn game NFTpanda you can find that here.
NFT Panda Game


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You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!

Exploring your new claim rules. I am going to check out bountyblocks but for now here is my wax address. 3fvr.wam

And, I'm gonna dig into the new hashkings stuff!


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I sent the Beast Garden NFT to the address shown below & BTX the Block Bounty Gift system is accessible through the NFT gift option on your WAX cloud wallet. So every WAX wallet user automatically can utilize the gift service.

Beast Garden Site

You now can generate 2 forms of crypto with that Beast Garden NFT

that's awesome!!!! Gonna dig into beast

Yeah Beast garden is awesome

Yay! 🤗
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thank you for this airdrop. this is awesome #stashpass
this is my twiter:
I don't have an account on wax

I sent you a special edition #stashpass to the Hive address shown above viewable here
The First winner(s) of the #stashpass NFT give away will be announced 4/20/2022 good luck to you.

The other NFT Give away for WAX wallet is not possible to send without a WAX wallet active
No Download or sign up required for WAX simply sign in with one of the following social media
This includes twitter
If you still want the WAX NFT once signed in with social media the WAX wallet address is located on the right like the underlined section of the image above just reply with yours if you want