Oneup-Cartel: PIZZA Partnership, $50K USD CARTEL Sold, Price Increase And Investments

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The @Oneup-Cartel is growing constantly and we have now entered our third month since our launch. We have been very busy and the amount of projects and communities we are involved in has become quite astonishing for such a young gaming guild. Let's have a look at the latest, shall we?


HIVE PIZZA Partnership

The Oneup-Cartel is excited to announce our new partnership with, the largest gaming guild on the HIVE blockchain, with over 3,000 members!

Most of you have seen their !PIZZA tipping bot but you would be surprised by the massive amount of development and community building the PIZZA team of @thebeardflex and @hivetrending have achieved on HIVE and Discord. They successfully implemented an Engage2Earn model and you can even spend PIZZA to buy Steam games.

Video: @thebeardflex and @hivetrending presenting Hive.Pizza at HiveFest 2021

Learn more about PIZZA in the following video from HiveFest 2021 in last November:

1UP Pizza Baron by @japex1226

Partnership Commitments

We will work hard to increase the synergy of Hive.Pizza and the Oneup-Cartel and bring our communities together. Below are a few points we agreed upon for starters:

  • The Oneup-Cartel will work alongside Hive Pizza to maintain the PIZZA:ONEUP pool at a high APR and add new ONEUP rewards to the pool

  • The Oneup-Cartel will give Hive Pizza access to the @curation-cartel and our 1UP trigger

  • The Oneup-Cartel will increase the delegation to to 40,000 ONEUP and add further delegations to PIZZA community members, from which we expect the same responsible action as from any of our delegates

  • The Oneup-Cartel will organize reblogs, upvotes and retweets for significant outreach

  • The Oneup-Cartel will give Pizza a place in our Discord to actively post any pizza update or tweets, as well as a discussion channel between pizza scholars and cartel operators to pool and share information about game investments

  • The Oneup-Cartel will work with PIZZA scholars to produce videos for our ONEUP-CartelTV

  • The Oneup-Cartel will provide ONEUP for giveaways to further build our mutual community

  • Full exposure of PIZZA projects in the Oneup-Cartel



Over 50K USD CARTEL Issued

We have issued over 5,000 CARTEL tokens, which is worth over $50,000 USD. The vast majority has been sold directly over the counter or on the market for a ~15% premium, while a small share was issued via asset swaps.

Currently there are a few CARTEL available for a discount on the market.

The first month we sold CARTEL for $10 and in the second for $11. By entering now into the third month, we mark the final month before a full accounting of the Cartels inventory and a new price model. Until then on March 17th, we raise the price to $12 per CARTEL, starting today

New CARTEL Price: $12

As usual, please send HBD, SWAP.HBD or SWAP.BUSD to @oneup-cartel to purchase CARTEL over-the-counter. I will issue purchased CARTEL tokens twice per week, so please be patient if you don't receive yours right away.

Dividend Vote

On March 17th we will end the third month of the Cartel and initiate our first vote about when to begin dividend payouts. The options as announced at launch will be to continue withholding dividends for another three months for compounding our treasury and grow faster or to begin dividends with part from our gaming revenue.



With Wrestling Organization Online we have a new HIVE game announced from @wrestorgonline:

Wrestling Organization Online is a play-to-earn business management game where players can build their Organization by acquiring wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and competing to earn more of the game's own token $WOO.

1UP Wrestler by @japex1226

We love the concept and work so far and both invested $500 into 250 packs, as well as agreed to an asset swap for another 1000 packs worth 182 CARTEL. The Cartel will have a major business in the Wrestling world!



We have been waiting for @muterra to finally announce their WAX pre-sale, after missing their HIVE pre-sale last year. They added a special HIVE pre-booking and we aped in with $500 for 100 packs.

MuTerra is a pixelart RPG built on the Hive blockchain with a TCG battling system integrated with the WAX blockchain. Players will use WAX assets to fight in battles to collect additional NFTs and explore the Hive-based world. Using "Mutees" (collectible creatures), "Tamers" (the players) can explore the world of MuTerra, fight deadly monsters, and compete for honor and glory in PvP tournaments.



One of our earliest investments was growing our LVL position for the upcoming shooter on HIVE to 1 Million LVL, which is a total of 1/500th of the maximum supply for LVL. @psyberx has announced many plans for the token like additional games in the future and some special founders NFTs for PsyberX. LVL has grown 4x-8x (bounces heavily up and down) since we got our position and is so far our most successful investment.

They have also dropped some early in-game footage, which created a lot of excitement.

But instead of taking profits, we are waiting eagerly for the crate airdrops and the announced WLVL on Ethereum. And owning LVL is also required to get the final founders NFT as well. So we are very well positioned for all that is about to come in PsyberX.



Below you find a list with our current gaming investments:

WOOAsset Swap + $5001250 Packs
Muterra$500100 Packs
ChiFiBots$1000Tier 5 HIVE pre-sale
Farming Tales$500NFTs
Crypto Raiders$10004 Raiders, RAIDER, AURUM
Splinterlands$600 + $3200 + ~$1000Cards, 805 Chaos Packs, 9k SPS, DEC
HashkingsAsset Swap + $100 + 200 HIVENFTs
dCropsAsset Swap + 25 HIVENFTs
dCityAsset SwapNFTs
Axie Infinity$3503 Axies
PsyberX~$10001 Million LVL
PIZZAAsset Swap + ~$20010,000 PIZZA
THGamingGift + ~$100600,000 THGAMING
Play GamerGift1100 PGM

We are involved in other games as well, like the popular Pegaxy and Gods Unchained, but currently don't hold any assets yet. Check our gaming deep dives on @oneup-cartel for an overview of our involvements.


Staking, Pooling and Dividends

The following list is not complete but a first step towards our full accounting. It contains most of our staking tokens, our liquidity pool positions and our dividend tokens. It does not contain holdings like LVL, which create no passive revenue for us. The daily and monthly rewards in USD are merely an estimation and based on the market values on February 18th, 2022.

The daily and monthly rewards from the tribe tokens are coming mostly from our 5% @curation-cartel fees as we are still growing our own stakes.

AssetStakeStake USDDaily TokensRewardsDaily USDMonthly
HP1,100.00$ 1,144.000.09HIVE$ 0.09$ 2.81
ONEUP3,917.00$ 127.30133.00ONEUP$ 4.32$ 129.68
SPT127,000.00$ 381.001,372.00SPT$ 4.12$ 123.48
LEO3,850.00$ 711.482.60LEO$ 0.48$ 14.41
CTP6,000.00$ 137.407.13CTP$ 0.16$ 4.90
BEE1,124.00$ 600.781.65BEE$ 0.88$ 26.46
BXT33.50$ 264.990.24HIVE$ 0.25$ 7.58
CINE30,200.00$ 1,005.6616.90CINE$ 0.56$ 16.88
SPS9,337.00$ 1,307.188.30SPS$ 1.16$ 34.86
SPS Airdrop38.00SPS$ 5.32$ 159.60
Card Rentals125.00DEC$ 0.41$ 12.38
VOUCHER0.66VOUCHER$ 1.39$ 41.58
DEC:SPS$ 589.00
SPS:SWAP.STATE$ 270.00101.00STATE$ 0.26$ 7.88
ONEUP:LEO$ 1,300.00374.00ONEUP$ 12.16$ 364.65
SWAP.HBD:SWAP.BUSD$ 12,900.000.52BXT$ 4.11$ 123.40
BEE:SWAP.HBD$ 1,130.003.85BEE$ 2.06$ 61.73
CUB:BUSD$ 2,500.0021.50CUB$ 7.10$ 212.85
CUB Kingdom1,690.00$ 557.701.52CUB$ 0.50$ 15.06
BRO112.00$ 353.92
INDEX300.00$ 222.00
UTOPIS4,200.00$ 4,830.002.29HIVE$ 2.38$ 71.45




A good amount of our revenue is generated from our smart curation system. With now 15 curation accounts where you can delegate your tokens to for passive daily income, we are stronger than ever with our upvotes and Cartel revenue. Our curators trigger our accounts and queue the upvotes until each individual curation account reaches 99.95% voting mana.

This way we generate the highest revenue possible for all your tribe tokens, surpassing average curation rewards - even after our 5% fee.


The following accounts are part of the @curation-cartel and you can start delegating your according tribe tokens for passive income with daily payouts:

Tribe TokenCuration AccountMain TagTopic
ONEUP@oneup-curator#oneupBlockchain Games, NFT
CTP@ctp-curator#ctpFinance, Marketing
CINE@cine-curator#cineFilm & TV
BEE@bee-curator#hive-engineUnspecified, HIVE
MEME@meme-curator#memeMemes & Humor

Please read our dedicated post with more details about our curation system:



What Is The Cartel?

Meta Gaming Guild
Meta Curation
Meta Dividend Token
Splinterlands, Hashkings, dCity, dCrops, Rising Star, Farming Tales, Crypto Raiders, Gods Unchained, Skyweaver, Ehon, PsyberX, Ragnarok, ChiFiBots -
and this is just the beginning of our journey.
With @curation-cartel we integrate over a dozen different curation accounts for HIVE tribes, including the popular @monster-curator and @oneup-curator, with delegations worth over 100,000 USD.Our token is the CARTEL and by selling it we generate funds to invest into games and HIVE tribes, as well as dividend tokens, to eventually pay dividends to CARTEL token holders.
Cartel Founder
Cartel Manager

Special thanks to some of our most engaged family members. I wanted to list and ping you at first but I would probably miss half of you as we are many. You are all family!

Join us on Discord to learn more about the Cartel.



Only prosperity will come from here on, awesome news, combined forces, I love it. !PIZZA !1UP

The cartel is growing! Love to see it :)


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And they will bring !PIZZA 🍕

Learn more about our delegation service to earn daily rewards. Join the family on Discord.

I love that you jumped into Muterra / yay!!

This is a great work that's to be commended. Partnerships is usually the best way to grow any business. I'm in support of your Oneup-Pizza partnership for the greater good of hive. You amaze me @flauwy and whenever I see you update I know that it's another way to invest in order to earn more money for oneself.

Thanks for your the update.

 2 years ago  

Thank you for the kind words!

This is amazing news and it great to see the two major powerhouses coming together, this is gonna make 2022 legendary :)

Uff!! We love pizza, and we love cartel. Can't ask for something better. Great alliance guys :) !

Pizza and oneup means something is getting done, glad I read this as I never new hive had another manager game

So much stuff happening! Great to see Oneup Cartel project expanding like wildfire. I will be sending some HBDs to get CARTEL. Cheers @flauwy. Great job done by you and your team. Cheers!

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Sweet updates and I can't wait for everything that's yet to come!


Great Updates, Looking forward to see how this Cartel and HivePizza evolve, there is lot of opportunity there.


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This is fantastic news! !PIZZA

Hi there, Nice full support with the partnership with hive pizza :D

Love you guys! LFG!

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i like pizza token, this is a good collab, as they are perceived with a positive feeling. !PIZZA

Awesome news!
I have been buying for a while $ONEUP for the pizza:oneup pool, but I didn’t know much about the token and also about cartel… I would like to know better about it to see the possibilities that you guys bring to the holders!

!PIZZA for you mate

Oneup-Cartel is for everyone! Really love this update and can really see bright future for the Cartel! Cheers! Salud!

excellent news, my two fav projects together!

Great partnerships all around. We are excited for the future of Hive and WOO and don't forget the !pizza

So many exciting news. Thanks for the great work you all put in to make all CARTEL holders happy. As for the CUB farm, will the Cartel participate in the upcoming polycub IDO? And is the harvested CUB deposited in the CUB kingdom?

I am proud to be part of CARTEL.

You made me see so many interesting things about HIVE


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That's great news! I love the Pizza community! Those guys are really doing a lot for Hive

Grat job!

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Impressive! Should be a great year for CARTEL!

Great post - quite excited about trying the wrestling game - thanks for covering it !

Great move that strengthens One Up. When LEO partnership as well? ;)

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 2 years ago  

When LEO partnership as well?

Good question. LEO was my first choice to work closer with. I have been trying to contact Khal a few times about ONEUP but he was too busy. Never heard back from him. He wanted LEO to become more involved in gaming. The Cartel could provide Leo Alpha content.

I will just build good stuff for ONEUP and LEO myself until I get the attention from the LEO team.

Sizzling hot Pizza News! And tons exciting stuff to look forward. Go up Cartel!

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @japex1226, @flauwy

remaining commands 8

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

Discord image.png

Support the curation account with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

The partnership is going to go along way. That's great.

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Things are looking good and starting to speed up for sure. It looks like it's going to have to be another 3 months though at these rates to really get any effective dividends. Perhaps a middle option? 80/20 split 80% keep stacking 20% paid in dividends might be a good option to start providing some value back

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 2 years ago  

I am already brainstorming about some alternatives. There are ways to pay token holders without tapping into our treasury at all. We will see.

I think I already stumbled with the PIZZA website before, but was not ready yet. Just joined the PIZZA discord channel. So many projects, too many updates! Great!

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Congratz. Seems like you are on the right path to continue growing :-)

Well done guys, take a look at swap.skp might be worth long term ;)

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I see you in the mosh pit :)

Great update! Keep up the good work!

amazing !

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Big ups to that that game is cool AF too wow that's awesome 😎

OneUp-Cartel is an amazing project and I think I will increase the Cartel tokens in my possession as soon as possible ;)
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Great partnership!