Ragnarok Logo Contest Winner!

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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce the Logo Contest winner. We had more 150 entries from a little over 120 Hivers, you can see them all here. Thank you to all the Hivers that joined this contest. We are very happy with the great reception that Ragnarok has received.

And the winner is:

Congratulations, we've sent 2,000 Hive your way!

We are also happy to announce that all the Hivers that participated have received one free NFT from the bz set. You can claim them here.


Here is the full list of hivers:

121 bz mint tokens where transferred to @madara1995, @doze, @sandrita89, @rob23, @sachingeorge, @shatargat, @sidekickmatt, @foxy.pix, @bil.prag, @fabian98, @darkcore29, @icon-bassey, @leonmaster, @anjiart, @cetb2008, @alexmag1988, @ykroys, @lisbethseijas, @collectorofchaos, @melbourneswest, @obrisgold1, @jacuzzi, @bernardinetti, @jayblak, @mayorkeys, @heskay, @eglois, @aimee.tariq, @cristina-zac, @that1skter, @vaipraonde, @mauroleonel, @giocondina, @astrocreator, @huang-hsin, @japex1226, @mario-jack, @casimirio, @fracshun, @darkfemme, @cryptosimplify, @lauraptis, @ansoe, @nicholas-gg, @manuelmilano, @queenstarr, @crazy-ant, @akshayambrose, @elizabeths14, @akannibounty, @yetsimar, @draconiac, @maykit55, @epicur0, @cjlugo, @izaid, @black-eagle, @abmakko, @enterlacrea, @kadoshmenorah, @camila-jhon, @sonfecisinan, @postraya, @jossduarte, @jsr89, @chyssom, @mazquel, @graffitidude, @badtripz, @mvl2304, @khaleesii, @akiraymd, @anzirpasai, @atir1990, @grisvisa, @vvgm, @baptisttadg, @psyshock, @anikekirsten, @herkin1, @jazzn, @marylucy, @japhofin8or, @vicmar1, @ucmuharfli, @rosana6, @aichanbot, @filoriologo, @elwnyx, @karkalitsos, @charsdesign, @blind-spot, @dante31, @bengioduke, @zullyscott, @yojhany2, @bantamuda, @maitt87, @ruen, @moretea, @diebitch, @robertocopio, @silver.art, @verbalshadow, @praditya, @ruchial, @arte.kevin, @keilis, @johanna3r, @saun, @afridany1, @martthesquire, @dannyyung, @zuly63, @jakkal, @mistural, @solo-mon, @enrique89, @fabiyamada, @desic, @samgiset.

If you don't see your name here (and you made a logo for the contest on time), please tag @eddiespino in the comments.


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc. Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!


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Thank you very much, it was exciting to have been in this contest with other talented artists, I am infinitely happy to have participated and that my design was liked both for the @ragnarok.game team, and for all the people who supported me, thank you all very much!!!!!


Congratulations 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

Congratulations. Looks great in the macro and micro. I Also Like how you developed it.

Thank you very much!!! :D @ammonite

It was fair, your logo was very good congratulations.

Awesome logo. :) CONGRATULATIONS

Hey @baptisttadg, here is a little bit of BEER from @dzoji for you. Enjoy it!

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This is amazing, WoW! What a well deserved win, what an entry. Congratulations @baptisttadg 👏👏
flawless win, logo captured virtually everything, Awesome.
Thank you for the NFT @ragnarok.game 💕
Hopefully we get the in-game currency airdrop too soon😉😂 [kidding]
Well-done to all participants, it was a beautiful contest👏🤩

Thank you very much!!! @queenstarr

🥦 !PGM 🥦

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @mizuosemla, @ragnarok.game

remaining commands 9

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

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Support the curation account with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Congratulations to @baptisttadg . well deserved for being a good design. Thanks friends of @ragnarok.game for the super nice surprise of the NFT.

For me it was a pleasure to participate, I look forward to playing ragnarok soon

Thank you very much!!! @leonmaster

I know @baptisttadg is going crazy over winning this!!! So happy to see this is what Ragnarok’s logo will be. This was my favorite entry without a doubt.

Thank you so much @daltono for having faith in my designs, and believing in me! :D

Congratulations to @baptisttadg, you deserve it! happy to participate

Thank you very much!!! @mvl2304

Greetings congratulations to the winner an excellent logo

Thank you very much and greetings too!!! @cetb2008

Congratulations to the winner @baptisttadg for the good job with the @ragnarok.game

Thank you very much!!! @ferod23

Bien merecido,es un logo espectacular, Me encanta. Felicidades al diseñador @baptisttadg . Y ahora deseo mucho que ya salga el juego.

Muchísimas gracias!!! @zullyscott

Thanks for the NTF and opportunity to participate @ragnarok.game, it was funny :)

pretty lit design and the coin version of it boom spot on great for in game and hive token!

Thank you very much!!! @ggbits

Awesome! I wasn't expecting an awesome NFT, that's so cool! I am blessed to have even been able to participate! <3

Congratulations to @baptisttadg for a beautifully intricate design! That text is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you very much!!! @jakkal, I too loved the way the lettering design turned out.

@baptisttadg Felicitaciones bro! estoy pendiente de tus post jaja! saludos desde Vzla!

Muchas gracias por apoyar mis diseños @jsr89, saludos para ti también!!! :D

Congratulations @baptisttadg, nice design

Thank you very much for the NFT.

Thank you very much!!! @ansoe

Congratulations to the winner maan that was epic!

Thank you very much!!! @japex1226

Congratulations! this logo is awesome!!

Thank you very much!!! @vaipraonde

You deserve. Incredible design skill.

Liked the draw you made hand free

Thank you, I love to draw, I am really surprised!

One of my dreams was learn how to draw. But never had vocational for it.

Im better with logic stuff.

So, i admire a lot artists.

👏 👏 👏

The design is fantastic😱! Congratulations @baptisttadg-.

Thank you very much!!! @yanes94

Cool logo, congrats to the winner. A lot of cool entries.

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Thank you very much!!! @whatsup

👏🏻 Well done @baptisttadg, excellent design. Captures the ancient look of the topic gods etc. very well.

Thank you very much!!! @thomas4711

Congratulations to the winner.

Thank you very much!!! @fredfettmeister

Thank you very much!!! @draconiac

Congratulation @baptisttadg, also thank you for the NFT.

Thank you very much!!! @khaleesii

Congratulations to the winner, sick logo!

Thank you very much!!! @syctyr

Congratulations to you @baptisttadg

Thank you very much!!! @adedayoolumide

I see pizzagate symbols everywhere! Thanks wikileaks...🐲

Huge congratulations @baptisttadg well I believe the judges made the right choice 😁.


Thank you very much!!! @obrisgold1

Congrats @baptisttadg, great design!

Thank you very much!!! @tehox

Congratulations @baptisttadg You have amazing skills and i hope you enjoy the winning and well done to all who made some amazing designs

Thank you very much!!! @dadspardan


🖖🏽 Congrats for the win @baptisttadg 🖖🏽
and thank you very much for the NFT @ragnarok.game
All the best for the game, may the Gods be happy with it!


Thank you very much!!! @moretea

excellent work! Great logo...there were so many good designs to choose from!
nice to see some bees rolling out as well : )
hive on!

Thank you very much!!! @basilmarples

congratulations to all the participants

The logo is purely excellent !
That's probably the best choice to make ! Happy to see it being chosen ! A huge congrats for @baptisttadg you deserve a lot for that !! !PIZZA

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Thank you very much!!! @ykretz.leo

You're welcome ! Your design really deserve those 2000HIVE !


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Woah!!! Big congratulations @baptisttadg
Well deserved win.

@ragnarok.game Thanks for the NFT

Thank you very much!!! @ruchial

WOOT, Congralations @baptisttadg Solid work and happy you got to take home the gold! :D

Cheers!!!! Dropping you some hot !PIZZA and !LUV on this post!

You've been given LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Thank you very much!!! @jacuzzi

Congratulations @baptisttadg Very nice design!
Thank you very much for the NFT @ragnarok.game

Thank you very much!!! @lauraptis

Great logo to the @ragnarok.game and wonderful job friend @baptisttdg and enjoying your Grand prize 2000 #Hive 🤑🤑

Thank you very much!!! @hjrrodriguez


Thank you very much!!! @allama

Welcome, have a great day.

Congrats @baptisttadg! I love your design and I´m glad it was picked as the winner and the official logo of the game :) But every participant did a great job, there were so many stunning entries... Yet another proof of how amazingly creative our community is :)

@tipu curate

It has been amazing to meet other talented artists through this contest, I am very happy for everyone, every work we do enriches our artistic experience, thank you very much!!! @phortun

I agree with this choice and congratulate @baptisttadg on the win, the art and the bag! The future of Ragnarok looks good XD Really digging the logo and other artworks. Excited to see what the gameplay models will look like.

Thank you very much!!! @ryosai

Ayo, well done https://ecency.com/@baptisttadg
Cheerz for the NFT 💪

Thank you very much!!! @fracshun

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Congrats to the winners 🙌

Congrats @baptisttadg you have made a really fascinating logo.
Thanks for the competition @ragnarok.game it was lovely participating

Thank you very much!!! @praditya

Congrats @baptisttadg, Great job

Thank you very much!!! @jossduarte


Thank you very much!!! @gustavomos

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