New big NFT Trading Card Game - DOCTOR WHO WORLDS APART

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Hello HIVE Community! :)

How are you doing?

As some of you might now, I am a big gamer ever since. I love playing all kinds of games, from MMOGAs to Shooters, Board Games or Trading Card Games. 🎮🎯🏅
I started collecting trading cards (Magic The Gathering) when I was 8 years old and the very first set of the cards came out in Germany.

The Crypto World is awesome for a gamer, because there are alot of NFT based games, and you can even earn money while playing.

I am always looking for new cool games, and a few days ago I found an awesome new one in my oppinion: DOCTOR WHO - WORLDS APART

(If you want to use my referral link, it ONLY WORKS if you click on this link and directly sign up with it! If you click it and then first surf on the website for a while clicking around your way and then sign up after visiting subpages of the website, it does not work. If you plan on buying something big, please hit me up before signing up or buying, so I can test if it worked.)

I think it´s the first really big NFT game from a major company. I may be wrong about this, because I don`t know the whole market haha. :D But I always thought, when the first big NFT game comes out, I will invest in it.


It´s made by BBC and Reality Gaming Group. So this is a big thing.

No matter if you are a fan of Doctor Who, Trading Card Games or NFTs, you should definitely look into this!

It is still in Alpha and the third batch of Founder Token Sale is up at the moment.


Well, the Founder Token is quite expensive and it was alot of money for me to invest, but I bought one , cause I am really excited about the project and I think this can be big!

There will only be 1963 Founder Tokens in total.

So this can become really high in value when the game gets big. You get alot of value with the token already. See this list:


And because of the founder token, I have early access to the game now and can already play. :)


I just started testing it, so I cannot say too much about it yet. I would say the game mechanics has something similiar to Magic The Gathering, but also new aspects I don`t know like this from a Trading Card Game yet.

👁‍🗨Some core facts about the game:
  • You play 1 vs. 1 and the goal is to reduce the opponents shield to zero
  • You play in turns
  • To defeat your opponent you have a set of 50 cards
  • This set contains of creatures, affectors, attachments, moments and environments
  • You have 5 creature slots and 5 affector slots on your side of the table and one slot for an environment which infuences your whole game

I don´t want to get into detail too much in my first post, because it can get quite overwhelming at first. 😄

Let´s only talk about the cards first. Because even if you do not buy a Founder Token, you can already buy card packs and start collecting.

And as far as I understand, you get 3 basic decks for free for playing as soon as the game is launched for everyone. So you do not have to buy packs at all, for playing the game.


A really cool thing which is different than in all the other Trading Card Games I know so far:

You can get all the trading cards available in the game with different frames around the cards. The different frames won´t change the stats of the card. Only the value for reselling the card.

🎮That means:

  • If you are (only) a player, and you do not care about finding high value cards for reselling them on the ingame market for real money, you can buy the so called "CORE PACKS". These are the cheapest ones for 5 Dollars. You can get all cards with "normal" frames in here. These packs have unlimited supply.
  • If you are more the investor kind of person and hope to make money with pulling out great cards of the packs and resell them on the market, you can buy the so called "ALIEN PACKS". These are more expensive (between 20 and 75 Dollars). In these packs are the exact same cards like in the core packs but with different frames. These frames are limited in supply, therefore the value of them is much higher than the normal frames.

It will also be possible to level up frames to a better frame later on. But I don´t know yet how this will work.


I think this is a great idea! To make cheaper and more expensive versions of the cards. So you don´t have to spend a whole lot of money if you only wanna play and don´t care about valuable cards.

There is also an ingame currency called PANDAK.
Later on you will earn this currency for winning games. Now in the alpha state of the game, playing is just for fun and has no effect yet. But this will come later on. You can already earn PANDAKs by logging in daily though. You can use this currency to buy new card packs.

Well, there is soooo much more I could tell you about the game already, even though I am totally new to the project and only know bits and pieces about it.
It´s complex, well designed and even in alpha state already a huge universe!

I must admit, I was never a big Doctor Who fan. But this game really interests me, so to understand the whole universe, I will definitely at least watch the Doctor Who series now. 😃

Well, I will continue playing now and do more research on this complex universe. As soon as I got more relevant information, I will let you know! 😊

If you want to look at the game, signing up already or even buy a founder token, you can do so here.

(Of course I would appreciate it, if you use my referral link. 😊)

----- If you want to use my referral link, it ONLY WORKS if you click on this link and directly sign up with it! If you click it and then first surf on the website for a while click-ng around your way and then sign up after visiting subpages of the website, it does not work. If you plan on buying something big, please hit me up before signing up or buying, so I can test if it worked. -----

I hope I got some of you as excited as I am about the game!
If there are any mistakes, I apologize. This topic is all new to me too!
Thanks for reading! 💜

Best regards,




Damn you own a Founders Token that's awesome! Wish I could join you in testing the early alpha! Hopefully you can enjoy it and figure out a playing style early on 😂

Yeah it is. It was a lot of money for me and I thought about it quite some hours at night lol. But, no risk no fun. So lets see where this might go! :)

What/who are the companions or have they not added them yet?

ohh yes I forgot the companions. But to be honest I never pulled on while playing. Maybe this will be added later.

Okay, this is something I can get my daughter into, lol. She is a Dr. Who fanatic, lol

Haha very nice!! :) If you guys sign up and use my referral code, please hit me up before doing so. Cause I found out it only works if you signup directly after you clicked the referral code. If you surf your way around the page and then sign up, it`s not working anymore. This sucks quite a bit I think. Cause I had many people signing up with my code, and I got nothing so far.

Well that’s just hot garbage. Yeah they at least need to leave the cache set for like 24 hours or something. But I will keep that in mind.

Yeah this referral system definitely needs to be improved!

I grabbed a few card packs and opened them, not as invested as you are though! good job

Screenshot (917).png

Awesome!! :) Welcome to the game! Unfortunately the referral system does not really work. So I got nothing so far, although my "referrals" already spent hundreds of dollars. :D I hope they will improve this soon.

I was there before alpha began but I didn't have enough money to invest in it I just bought a few packs.

Well thats cool! So you already have some early cards when the game begins. :)


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