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Hello Pixel art Community! It is time for another round of Pixel art Contest. The theme for this week is about CHRISTMAS. Anything related to Christmas is fine.

Our admin, @kristyglas donated 25 HIVE for the prizes
The prize pool for this round is 15 HIVE and the remaining 10 HIVE will be given on the next round.


We have new sponsors
@felipejoys donated 10 HIVE for the top 1 winner
@zhoten donated 5 HIVE which means the prize pool for next round is 15 HIVE



1st - 7 HIVE + 10 HIVE donated by @felipejoys

2nd - 5 HIVE

3rd - 3 HIVE

You have one week to join the contest.
Huge thanks to @kristyglas, @felipejoys, @zhoten for sponsoring this contest :)
I hope everyone will join and have some fun as our way of thanking our admin.

Important reminder

  • Most important- Only Original Art!!
  • No copying other pixelart
  • You can use photo reference (CC0 photos recommended).
  • Non-traditional pixelart is welcome: like color pencils on paper (or voxel)
  • No auto-pixel filters/programs allowed
  • At least 1 art progress picture
  • Comment on any Pixelart community post (other than my posts), lets improve the engagement and positivity :)
  • Make a post in Pixelart community (or crosspost)
  • Share your art preview and post link the comments so I don't miss it
  • Use pixelart as one of your tags.

I will contribute an additional 10 hive to the top 1 winner of this round.

Thank you so much @felipejoys Wow! I'm sure everyone will be happy about this

I know it's not much but I just gave you 5 HIVE for the contest fund

Hooray! Thank you so much @zhoten!
This will be added for the prize pool on the next round.

when is the final date for posting an entry?

The contest is open until December 7

I am a participant!!

I'm excited to see your entry!

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Everytime I see this contest I want to enter. I do hope to make the time to do so this week!