Hurt- A Broken Soul

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How do I love you but cannot be with you forever?

How do I want you to be in my corner when i am constantly pushed away by you?

How does my ‘go to person' becomes a total stranger to me?

How do I move from telling you everything to keeping secrets from you?

How can I forget our pillow and food fights?

How do I forget our regular workouts and shopping sprees?

How do I move on from having late night candlelight dinner to eating all alone?

How do I move from you always in the picture to you out of it completely?

How do I move from having long sweet conversations with you to mere monosyllabic words?


How do I move from hearing you laugh to getting silent murmurs from you?

How do I move from having you all to myself completely to getting the silent and distant treatment from you?

How do I move from being all jovial, sweet and informal to being all formal and straightforward with you?

How do I move from seeing you smile to getting a bored and sad expression from you?

How do I move from creating memories with you to forgetting all the memories we shared?

How do I move from always seeing your cute face to not seeing your face at all?

How do I move from having heated arguments and countless fights to barely getting any word out of your mouth?


How can I move on when I still have your number stored in my head but i am unable to call you?

How do I move from sleeping next to you to sleeping without you by my side?

How do I move on when i am constantly being reminded by things we had and places we visited when we were together?

How do I move from being unable to send pictures of how my day went to you?

How do I even tell my family and friends that we are no longer together?☹️

While some people have been lucky with love some of us have been unlucky, and we are forced to question the universe what wrong we did to be constantly hurt, we put in all our best, get attached and at the end of the day we are greatly hurt, moving on becomes a problem, we are just stuck with pieces of what we thought was a great relationship.


When we eventually try to move on, our new partners would have to be really really patient with us because we are ready to guard our heart with all care, we don't give our all this time because we don't want history to repeat itself again.

If our new partner is not so patient, we loose them in the process of trying to love wholly again.

The sad story of one who is broken completely😞

Have you ever being hurt before to a point that you decided to give up on love completely?

let me know how you were able to deal with it in the comment section

P/s some of the pictures in this post belongs to me and the other one was gotten from pixabay.

Loads of Love🥰🥰


Baby girl this is lot of emotions here. Like I can literally relate,the words everything..
I mean we didn't really break up, but one person travelled, honestly it's never been so easy..

Thank you for this piece it was a nice read!

Finding that one person you connect with, thinking you'd do forever with them but everything just comes crashing

it can be really painful

thanks for stopping by @redna 😘


Your welcome dear

@ibbtammy The wounds caused by a heartbreak can be very painful and leave scars that accompany us for a long time, because the memories with that person remain and you have made them very clear in your publication.

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We assume that the photographs published are personal, however, it is important that you do not leave it to assumption, placing in your post that the images used are your own, can avoid misunderstandings and also allow you to opt for more support.

Ohh noted I’d try to effect that, thanks for pointing it out and for the tip I’m grateful🥰🥰

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Thank you 🥰

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Maybe there was a call we never answered but
Didn't see it coming
A pain that came our way
Yet we thought it would be all happy ever after
But along those great and wonderful travels
We learned a lot

The joy of love might last
But the pain emerges from it
The happiest part of relationships might be memorable
But don't forget those memories causes the pain later

We might be broken
Yet there could be a chance
We might be sad
But if we look closely we would see there is someone waiting
Until we are ready to let go of the pain
Love will always await us❤

This is the little I can add to your poem. Loving is the greatest part of life. No matter how broken you might be, just keep living. One day a greater love will come your way for you to tell, the story to the world. Keep loving as you live.
Best regards😊