Goodbye Qurator's Monday Missions | Goodbye Haiku

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Hello Hiveans! How are you, hope everyone is fine and enjoying a good day wherever you are. I was shocked and sad when reading the announcement of the end and final contest of the Qurator's Monday Missions with a Goodbye Haiku. And so I have enjoyed this weekly challenge since 10 months ago when I started to accept this challenge organised by Qurator. I have participated in 17 Monday Missions and won 12 of them. Thank you Qurator for always organizing awesome contests for the Hive platform for without them, my blogging life will be dull and without objective. I always look forward to try, participate and support all contests by Qurator if I possibly can and I do enjoy doing them. It just made my blogging life exciting.

The most memorable one are those poetry challenges. I especially like to do poetry and won them each time I participated in a poetry challenge. I got laughed at when I did the worst make up tutorial but it's all worth it when I won. It was so interesting learning to make chestnut men, christmas hats, masks and oh yes that Lucky Seven challenge, and so all good things must come to an end.

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – Paulo Coelho

I bid farewell to the Qurator's Monday Mission with a Haiku...


Farewell and Goodbye
Monday Mission has ended
Hello New Challenge


My Poetry Collection


My Monday Missions recap:

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And that is the end of my presentation for - Qurator's Monday Missions | Goodbye Haiku. I hope you like it and look forward to a new beginning and a new exciting challenge that will replace the Monday Mission.

That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

The Best is yet to come, Keep Creating Keep Hiving!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,