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Hello dear friends, I have been a little absent but this contest of @qurator excited me and I did not waste time to participate since it is about making a collage focused on the silhouette, face and that is what I want to show you today, I made a collage about La Virgen del Valle who this week celebrates her day and here on Margarita Island, Venezuela, it is a beautiful tradition. I want to invite my friend @marivic10 to join the contests of this special community. https://hive.blog/qurator/@qurator/qurators-art-walk-or-collages-or-art-competition


The materials for this project are diverse, it all started with a pizza box which I cut to the size I wanted. I rely on various materials such as cardboard, glue, thread, stones or bracelet beads, colors and wax crayons, pieces of frosted foam and even leaves from a dry tree.


I used the top of the box, this cardboard was intact and half and cut what I needed.


On the cardboard mark the silhouette of the image you wanted, this image was my guide for the process and I take the opportunity to tell you that our Faith for this Virgin is a tradition and in 2021 it will be 100 years since her coronation as Patroness of the Venezuelan East.


Make your details freehand trying to copy the shape without so much detail. Our Virgin of the Valley can have dresses of many colors and decorated with pearls and diamonds.


For the silhouette of the Virgin I used burgundy yarn to weave, I also used a little blue for the sea that always accompanies her image. I glued it with white glue very carefully following the shape and silhouette.


To give the background a bit of clarity, use white wax crayons that give a very different effect on the cardboard.


His crown is always golden and that is why I thought of using the small leaves of a Guayacán tree that is drying in the patio of my house, you can see what is completely gifted and beautiful even if it is dry. A little glue is enough.


Also to make a good collage you need unexpected and varied materials so that's why I incorporated these precious stones that I had from some broken bracelets. Always thinking that I would use them again at some point, also pieces of frosted foam that I had from another previous project.


I had the help of my daughter Marcela to make a very colorful label with her name that she wrote herself. He used his colors and I was happy that he wanted to help me.


I only had to finish adding a little color to the Virgin's dress and using the stones to decorate it. I also colored the sea under his feet and a little the sky around him. Putting the last details was the most beautiful part of this project because I declare myself a devotee of my Virgen del Valle and it is the first time that I have carried out a project like this.


This is the final result of the collage dedicated to the Virgen del Valle, Patron of the Venezuelan East. 💗


In this collage you can distinguish the different materials that I have used and it also carries an emotional part of my life and my personal history, in addition to the special help of my daughter. I know that religion is a difficult or delicate subject to deal with but in this post I just want to share with you my idea of ​​making a collage and tell you a little about the meaning it has. We read soon.




Amiga que belleza, felicidades, ya me pongo al día con estos concursos. Gracias por invitarme. Abrazos y bendiciones.