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RE: Will Hive stay a niche blockchain & cryptocurrency and die?

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@therealwolf It appears to me that the major issue is governance. At the moment we basically have stake driven governance, and with the large stakeholders being rewarded well from the pool, that's unlikely to change, unless we change the stake based governance system.

I encourage you to read this article entitled Trusted Reputation, which is a part of The Matrix-8 Solution, a multi-level real time pure democracy governance system.
With this is place (after initial testing in a community which awards content with tokens) i'm pretty damn sure Hive will lead the way and it'll be a big boom.


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Interesting, but I wouldn't trust the security of the blockchain to anything but stake. Reputation can always be faked; stake can't.

Reputation is flawed. Good actors of the early days now having high REP, become bad actors whilst all the new and less tech-savy users think they are good.

Also, I don't see why it has to be quality posts or short posts. @dbuzz D.Buzz offers a Twitter like interface for short posts with a max 1 HBD reward and there is another DApp being developed (I forget the name and haven't tested it yet) which offers the same but groups the users "tweets" in a single thread. Why can't we have both short and quality posts?

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My point was about how Hive mutated to an automatization world and how that's a problem, but a given due to the conditions.

@therealwolf I didn't realise your point, however I was just thinking about that myself. Why not disallow autovotes? It's really just raping the reward pool, is it not? I don't autovote. I do delegate to curators who manual vote though.

But again, to be able to not allow autovotes, we would need a governance system which allows all users to vote on such proposals without stake based bias. Please investigate The Matrix-8 Solution, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Auto-voting is a mutation of the system in which people found it easier/better to automate voting instead of doing it manually. Disallowing will do nothing there; besides not even being possible to "ban" it.


Really? Not possible to ban it? Surely there must be a way to change to code to prevent autovotes? Perhaps I am naive!

Banning autovotes doesn't work because you can bypass it simply by using an alternate account (post with one account an selfvote with the other).

Ok. Maybe you're right. I don't fully understand how autovotes work, presumably they are done using a bot. I'm still not convinced though.

I wonder how things would work out if the amount of rewards paid were based partly upon reputation?

Sorry, my response is incorrect. I thought that you were referring to selfvotes not autovotes. The reason that you cannot ban autovotes is that there is no way to enforce it. The blockchain nodes have no way of knowing if a vote was done by a human or a script. They only check if the data is valid. Some people have suggested to use captcha but that only works on websites that control access in a centralized way but anyone can send transactions to a blockchain using any interface or build their own (that is how decentralized networks work).

the stake based governance didn't dare so well with Steem! Sure some safeguards are now in place, but how safe has yet to be tested.

The reputation system could also be partly based on stake, with amount of stake held enhancing reputation and contributions made to cause funds could also enhance reputation.
And as stated in the Trusted Reputationarticle, your peers in the 8-PACS would be the ones "voting" on your reputation based on real transactions, recorded on the blockchain and visible.

Surely testing it in a Hive community (with new tokens with intially no value) would be great way to find out?