Google Analytics Reports for (~150k Unique Users)

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Here is some interesting data of generated by Google Analytics.

I've used the default reports. If there's something missing, let me know. 🤓

Audience Overview: From Launch to Now


Audience Overview: From January 1st 2021 to Now


Acquisition Overview: From Launch to Now


Acquisition Overview: From January 1st 2021 to Now


Behaviors Overview: From Launch to Now


Behaviors Overview: From January 1st 2021 to Now



I know that some people are not impressed by the design of And that's fine. Still, looking back, I'm somewhat proud that I was able to create it in a span of days under pressure for it to be ready for Launch on March 25th 2020. (this ofc. goes for everyone who collaborated in the launch) Especially considering that I had to come up with a theme and sexy catchphrase.

The Blockchain for Web 3.0


Now, I'm not sure whether it's actually the best way to describe Hive, considering that tech will always advance and Hive lacks behind in some aspects, and our most powerful attribute/strength is the tight-knit community. So maybe it's time for some change.

Since the website is owned by the community, you can simply submit ideas yourself on Gitlab: Or if that's too troublesome, just comment below. This goes for everything on the website ofc.

Note: I'm not hosting nor am I "in charge" of Hive. Just a community developer.


I hope you don't mind if I reblog this to the Hive Statistics community?

I wonder if those spikes are from traffic looking for the other Hive site when they make news, but finding by accident.

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Very unlikely, given we can see corresponding long term traffic on as a result. IMO, I think the "hiveblockchain" marketing theory was pretty flawed.

For sure correlates with increase on our signups. Does analytics include signup subdomain as well or that's separately setup, still linked so maybe partially includes but wasn't sure?

What do you mean?

I meant does this analytics include stats for as well?!

any chance to get this a csv? I'm playing with predictive forecasting, would be a nice usecase

I'll see if that's supported. Which data do you need?

visitors per day would be cool

I think it would be good to focus on those facts:

  • Best blockchain for social and gaming dapps in terms of adoption (show rankings in users for splinterlands in gaming, and peakd in social, with links to dappradar or stateofthedapps).
  • best blockchain to build tokenized communities or "social tokens". I hear a lot of institutions talking about social tokens. I had access to paid conferences recently attended by hedge fund managers, they are extremely excited by the metaverse and social tokens. Rally was their best example of a protocol leveraging social tokens, which made me laugh once I checked it out.
  • custom_jsons or "soft consensus" whatever we want to call it. Vertical scalability maybe. It scales because it uses blockchain tech to decentralize apps in a different way that smart contracts do.

Edit - a short explanation of why hive is truly decentralized wouldn't hurt, briefly mentioning the community fork.

custom_jsons can and do provide full consensus. The good thing about them is they scale very one on layer 1 because there is no linking asscociated with them, they don't get indexed any further than which block they are in. We also have escrow transfers which enable true DEXs, and a metaverse at the front-end

I wish I was capable of understanding how the code works for dlux, but I am impressed by your project. I think it will be huge in time. Hopefully the bull run will attract devs eager to contribute.

That's good 👍
With time more will come ;)

Namaste 🙏

Do we have Google Analytics on Hive.Blog as well?

Potentially. @blocktrades might know more.

I don't have google analytics, but we do have some info from cloudflare. I took a look at it about a week or so for the first time in a long time (I usually don't bother to monitor such things), and the results were very good, IMO. I was planning on making a post to report some of those results, when I have some time.

I was thinking if we can integrate Google Analytics and see which posts are doing really good and from where we are getting users then we can leverage that information for doing something good.

I like the new design. How about "The Social Blockchain for Web 3.0" or "The Social Media Web3 Blockchain" or "The Decentralized Social Media Blockchain for Web 3.0"?

Yesterday i heard @dollervigilante mentioning Hive in his videos.
Could it be they start "seeing" the Hive Bees!? 😀