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In this episode of the Koinos Group podcast I interview @aussieninja the founder of gFam. gFam gives content creators 100% of the revenue that is generated by their content, and uses Ripple to deliver their rewards anywhere in the world in just 3 seconds. There are no transaction fees, no network fees, and if you know anything about Koinos, then you know we aren't fans of fees either! Enjoy!


A comment I posted to @aussieninja post about and with the interview with you... I felt this one is relevant for you, therefore a copy/paste here:

I think KOINOS has the opportunity to interlink services in crypto space. Due to the setup, all business logic in smart contracts, I believe it'll benefit KOINOS (and with that KOIN) to create a super active development community with an easy to use the marketplace in which service owners like you, can get to smart contract development resources in case some smart contract needs to be built. I do hope de smart contract layer will be occupied by developer teams with a business mindset, ie creating all sort of contracts + tools to allow for easier integration into existing services.

I believe (as Andrarchy kinda pointed out), it'll take considerable time before non-tech people can simply integrate KOINOS into their service (eg website based on JAVA). That's why I believe we need this marketplace for smart contracts devs and service owners. Would be even better when in such marketplace, also accelerator type of services are offered, ie supporting devs and service owners to help and support on the business side of things. In the end, services and developments with an inbuild business model and revenue model will create stickiness to those who are involved. At HIVE I see too many devs trying things, but not finishing it. Also, I see too little co-operation between development teams, resulting in various teams building more or less the same features. KOINOS has the opportunity to do this differently but requires an active push from the core team to drive such concepts and give the push to the dev, services and business people.

Is that a YES to KOINOS team driving a market place, and incubator/accelerator programs to support and develop the collaborations between projects around the KOINOS chain?

Right now we are 100% focused on delivering an amazing decentralized application platform for developers (i.e. mainnet). After that we (Koinos Group) will be 100% focused on finding product-market fit so that our company can generate revenue and use that revenue to pump resources back into making Koinos even more amazing for developers. There are a lot of good ideas for how we can reach those objectives over the long term. There are also a lot of good ideas for how other people can add value to Koinos and generate revenue for themselves in the process. We'll see where this journey takes us while remaining laser focused on our core objectives. If people have good arguments for our core objectives being wrong, then I'd love to hear them!

I agree with the initial core objectives, that is to bring some great tech into mainnet status. What then follows will be a combination of things. Entrepreneurs and Devs finding the way to the KOIN chain and doing their thing. I do predict (as we see with many other chains), that this is not sufficient. What eg the HIVE chain misses (as so many other chains) is the bridge with the existing professional industry. Building this bridge requires a B2B market push, sales, consulting services, integration services and perhaps core and/or smart contract developments (depending on the needs of that particular professional company wanting to step their toes into blockchains). Can you imagine what would it mean for the KOIN chain when eg Verizon would've decided to publish their press releases on KOIN instead of Ethereum? Ok ok, puyre hypothetical of course, since KOIN is not live yet. But I hope I made my point here :) When KOIN gets its first professional business onboarded, it becomes so much easier to onboard the next professional business, and then KOIN is set to become a chain to recon with. I'm more than willing to have (off-HIVE) discussions with you regarding this topic and also reagrding some of those professional services I would like to take the step towards using blockchains. Maybe its a little too early now, but still :)

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