What is the best Programming language to learn? #gitengage

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I spend more time in the house since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Most of my works now are done from the house because of the fear of getting infected and I noticed that I am having some extra time to learn new thing.

I am already considering graphics(UI/UX) but I would like to get my hands dirtier. Some of my guys are coders and I must say that I love the things they are creating. I understand that coding is continuous learning stuff because I see how they used to search for things every time they are building. I have some suggestions already but I believe Hive house some awesome wizards. The popular languages are JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, and a few. I like to know which one is this I should choose, and where I can start.


Great to see you around @darewealth. I would suggest you learn JavaScript, but start by knowing the building blocks if you don't know it before. HTML and little CSS would help you. Then you could try Bootstrap.