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It’s another day and we've picked some tutorials/developments related post to showcase on our platform. Two days ago, we featured some posts by some amiable community members, and we really appreciate their input for investing their time in passing some knowledge to others.

GitPlait is a community that aims to provide solutions/answers to devs, support coding tutorials and collaborations.

Post 1

My top five VS Code Extensions by @themarkymark


This post covers five extensions that can be used, especially Gitlen and Linter. Click the link to learn more.

Post 2

Python Rules Of Coding: String literals by @alrashel

This post talked about the python String literals rule. This tutorial will teach you some basic things you need to know on python string literals.

Post 3

How to create a simple dice game with JavaScript by @zoneboy

@zoneboy posted about creating a simple dice game with JavaScript. If you are new into this language, you can check these simple steps and get the whole scope about creating a simple dice game using javascript.

These three publications will be featured on the appropriate category on to showcase to our community.

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