My best bodypainting looks 1. My retrospective

As you might know, besides being a book worm and a very detail oriented nerdy artist, I also love to do bodypainting as a hobby. There is something very relaxing about this and I just find myself in a state of flow everytime when I do it.

hive1 (7).jpg

hive1 (6).jpg

I thought about doing a short retrospective of my best looks, as a reminder of how much I managed to grow as an artist and develop my creativity.

hive1 (5).jpg

hive1 (3).jpg

I am a fan of using bright bold colours as a means of expression in my fantasy bodypainting.

hive1 (1).jpg

From the looks I selected for this retrospective I like the one with the lungs as I was recuperating then after a strong flu and realized the value of breath.

hive1 (2).jpg

My second favourite one is the galaxy, because I am never tired of looking at the stars and wonder what else is out there. The outer space, the cosmos, is a fascinating subject for me. I am a nerd after all, even in my bodyart🤓😍

hive1 (4).jpg

Have a lovely day and toodle loo!


The passion and dedication is also beloved with your art work for body painting. Its take the challenge with your patience and true and reall creativity, great work with all of your themes, specially the galaxy!

Thank you very much!

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Very nice work they all look very beautiful and colourful thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Thank you very much😊

No problem it's my pleasure 🤝

@creativemary Ohh my god 😳 was an eye-catching paintings.. Fabulous ❤️❤️❤️
My favourite one is number 4.

Hey! Thanks a lot😊

Your welcome buddy ☺️

This one is my favorite! How long does the painting take to do?
My Fav

Oh I like this one too, it took around 4 hours, the line work takes the most time. I hate it that I always have to wash it away 😁

What happens if it stays on your skin for too long?

Nothing, it is very safe for the skin. Only that it dries it a little and it feels like something is squeezing your face lol. Otherwise, it's pretty awesome

Cool and yeah squeeze the face.

Omo!!! That's a Nigerian exclamation 😁. These are really good. I likeee

Hahaha lovely, thank you, I'm glad that you like them!


Thanks G.! What's your favourite?

I think the silver one on this occasion although the gold one is pretty good too...They're all good...You're talented!

Want to see me? I did some face painting too...The blue woman next to me is telling me that I missed a spot on my ear.


Hahahaha G., actually I think that you would rock this look. With all of your survival skills you would be on the top of things in an Avataresque society

I don't look good in a loin cloth though.

Always surprising us with amazing art. Congratulations on your passionate work Mary

Thank you very much!

Good lord your passion for the art is amazing. You should do a channel. Is not difficult to remove?

Hehe thank you so much! I do have a passion for this and it's my fuel for finding inner peace and happiness.
It is a tough cookie when it comes to removing. At the beginning I was just going into the shower and scrub it off. It was messy oh my, I always had to clean the tub afterwards as the color sticked. Theen I got smarter lol. I discovered that taking a weth cloth soaked in soap and rubbing it on the body to clean up the big part of the colours works the best. And only after that I go into the shower. Smart girl right? 😂😂 I dislike it when I have to wash it off, I wait for the day when it will be cool for us people to walk on the streets painted all over hahahahaha

Smart way to get if off. I thought since it was paint you would need some sort of solvent to get it off. Easy with just soap nice. Also when taking it off seems like erasing an artwork from a canvas. I bet you flaunt it whenever there are events. So cool.

Haha thanks. Soap and water only. Works like magic

Wow the last one is just stunning!! You even did something to your hair :D

Thanks girl! Yes, it was wash day for the hair so I was stoked to mess it up a little😂

Hellooooo. This is amazing, I love your makeup. I hope one day to achieve makeup as impressive as yours. Thanks for sharing. Greetings

Thank you very much, I hope you succceed, with makeup it is always about practice and perseverance!

Lovely and arty here Lady Mary.
Bold colors indeed.

Blessings and !BEER

Thank you my dear😊

Only a pleasure ☺️

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Wuao que espectacular, maravilloso trabajo felicidades.

Muchas gracias!

Te quedó espectacular, me encantó ❤️❤️

@crativemary Aww, absolutamente hermoso 🥺❤️

Gracias! 😍

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your art work is wonderful everything looks so beautiful, good handling of body art technique congratulations keep going

Thank you very much!

great work here... first and last are absolutely epic!!

Thanks a lot!