What's The Right Age For Being Sexually Active?

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I was reading a post in which the author said something about sex drive and the interests of people in their twenties. You can read that post here by @iskafan

In my humble opinion, sex drive, which in simple words, means at what age do you like to have more sex? To me, it seems like a very simple question. Maybe scientists still do not agree on what age is the best for bringing more sex drive or how it can be measured in men or women.

But I can tell you that our hormones play an important role in having sex, but it is not always clear how much of these hormones differ between men and women. Other factors that play a vital role in increasing your libido include psychological, social, and physical causes.

Often, some people think that if someone was more sexually active at the age of 20, or some believe that a person would become active after 30, but no one knows what the right age to be sexually active is.

What is sex and at what age people are most sexually active? If you are looking for an answer to this question, then there is no hard and fast rule on this. But I will give you a rough idea of your question.

So let us see at what age men and women are more sexually active-

Men in their 20s

For sexual stimulation in men, it is necessary to have a hormone called testosterone, which is present in our bodies at the age of 20, so at this age, a man feels more sexy and active. But in most cases, at this age, a person may be worried about sexual activity and the related problems because of their inexperience.

Screenshot (27).png

This is the reason that almost 10% of men will become victims of erectile dysfunction (ED) if they try sex in their teens. This condition may trigger a medical or mental health problem or could be a sign that they are at risk of heart disease.

Women in their 20s

From adolescence to their late 30s, women are most fertile, and sexy.

Although there is no hard and fast rule that they don't like doing sex into older age. An older woman might like it, although it’s not quite clear why. In fact, scientists think that women’s libido increases in exactly the same way that their fertility declines by the time they reach their late 30s.

Men in their 30s and 40s

In many men, the libido is very strong at this age, although the level of the hormone testosterone gradually decreases by the time they reach the age of 35. The level of testosterone in your body usually drops by about 1% each year, but it can drop more rapidly in some men. This may have some effect on your sex drive. Plus, for many men, stress about work, family, and other things can affect how interested they are in sex.

Women in their 30s and 40s

At this stage of life, libido is highest in women. One study showed that women between 27 and 45 have more intense sexual fantasies than women who are younger or older. At this age, she also likes to have more sex, and at this age, she likes to get into a relationship as soon as she can.

woman with children

Pregnancy at any age and having a baby can have a big impact on your sex life, but again, it varies from person to person. Your body and hormones change throughout your pregnancy period. This can mean increased libido at times, especially during the second trimester, and a lack of desire for others. You may also be worried about whether it’s safe to have sex while pregnant. Breastfeeding, raising children, and other chores can also affect the time, energy, and interest you spend on sex.

But, if you ask my opinion, most men and women know best about sex and its joy in their 40s because by then they feel secure, experienced, and know their partners very well.


One study showed that women between 27 and 45 have more intense sexual fantasies than women who are younger or older.

I can attest to this

for many men, stress about work, family, and other things can affect how interested they are in sex.

That sounds like my husband thing. Lol. I thought men are more in need of sex when stressed, but my husband proved me wrong.

Stress is a turn-off for men or women, but if anyone is doing that, that is not normal. In this case, your own view was wrong I guess 🎉

I am not sure.
Doesn't sex bring a diversion from stress and relaxation for both mind and the body. Lol. What I have observed in movies accross holly and bollywood a tensed man either go in search of sex or is easily hooked up by a prostitute

I don't think so, on the contrary stress distracts you. If someone is doing it, they are simply going through the routine. In fact, they are still thinking about their personal problem but not involved wholeheartedly.

but not involved wholeheartedly.

Hmmmm. That's true...

An interesting read
I am glad you didn’t continue in ages till men in the 69s being that age lol

I could have done that too, but that would sound like boasting, isn't it 😅

LOL Oops I meant to type 60's not 69's LOL

There is nothing wrong with the 60s or even the 70s.I believe age is only a number in case of sex :)

Yes I do agree with you :)

One cannot stop being amazed by the many communities on hive.
For me, I am of the opinion that sex should only be exercised in marriage. I hold firmly the believe that sex is a sacred engagement and should be treated thus.
Great post man. I came here via @dreemport.

You're right, I found it on Twitter and this is my first post in this community. Now I have posted one more since.

I hold firmly the believe that sex is a sacred engagement and should be treated thus.

I stand by you in this regard @mrenglish . . . Outside the marriage, it is a timely pleasure without any treasure.

@amberkashif, this is another deep saying.

A pleasure you cannot treasure.

Firstly, thanks for the mention and for helping me find this community too.

Secondly, sex, age, and sexual interest does depend on individuals and their hormones as you said.

Most young people shy away from sex because they feel less experience, and may not want to be embarrassed in the presence of their partners

You'll notice that those who are confident in their young age with sex has either had a sexual relationship with a older gender of the opposite who had experience and taught to it them

Others may have been as a result of starting out early, gaining experience as they go, understanding their body, etc.

And of course, the medical part of our life plays a role too, which you have so rightly discussed.

Actually, this is my first post in this community (I subscribed to it a few weeks ago after finding it on Twitter though) I am not an expert on this topic but I have posted what I feel as an individual or through my personal experience. I wish you all the best in this community.

Actually, this is my first post in this community (I subscribed to it a few weeks ago after finding it on Twitter though)

You finding it made me find it too, so it's a win/win. I just told someone about the community as well, that's another win.....hehehehe

I am not an expert on this topic but I have posted what I feel as an individual or through my personal experience. I

We will all learn from one another, that's why we are a community 🙂

I wish you all the best in this community.

You too sir , thanks

@iskafan I am glad you posted your first in this community 👍

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wow. I wonder how do men do in their 40s?

I just want to tell you that men do it as well in their fifties and sixties depending upon how they felt. Age is only a number but the rest is in your brain.

Never knew that people in their forties enjoyed sex more, always thought it was the 20/30s.

We learn with experience, don't we? 👍

Yes we do, this was interesting to know.

Wow.. This is awesome.. So expository.. I have never taught or even read about this before. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Sex is usually a thing which people shy away to discuss. But you did well bringing sex education to us.. I appreciate

@dreemport directed me to your post

You're right, sex is considered taboo in many societies but there is nothing wrong if we discuss the facts openly. We all are adults here so why not?

That's my point. We are adults and why do we shy away from this.

Not talking about this is what's affecting the up coming generation. They end up making mistakes they regret because they knew nothing about it... I believe this should be one of the most discussed topics.

Thank you, yes I knew what you meant so I only ditto your points.

Try telling our jet age teens to put off sex till their 40's to enjoy it more lol that would be quite the start of a mutiny 😁 but another info packed posts and I wouldn't be the only one taking something from here 🤗 appreciate the research you did on this issue and thanks to #dreemport for sharing this awesome post.

I am not saying that sex is wrong in the twenties but it is best in the forties due to many facts. However, one knows why only when they reach that stage.

Let's hope I remember this when the forties comes around so I can compare notes 😁

I believe the idea about the right time to have sex is subjective. There is no specified time that's perfect except when it comes to our faith. By moral- when we are married. Scientifically- when our body start producing the sex hormones. So it's left for individual to chose when it's the perfect time, but atleast when they're above the age 18.

@dreemport directed me here

Exactly, and I know all scientific fact does not apply to everyone all the time so it's person-to-person based. But then there are certain facts that are common and applicable for all. Thank you!

You're welcome.

Hormonal influences the desire for sex a lot. It's too early for me to give a statement but after the '20s both gender have more interest in sex.
But the fact that in 40's lol they feel more comfortable, professional, and romantic lol (especially men hehe dad is going to roast me, _)
@dreemport directed me here

I don't know how to react to your comment because for you it's too early for a statement. And I am not sure why your dad is going to roast you? Shukr karo ki mene 50 nahi bola 😀

Lol 😂 I am not going to say anything😂

Pregnancy and childbirth seem to change the entire body chemistry of women as far as sex drive is concerned. Some might totally become disinterested in sex after giving birth. Sex becomes just a routine to them while to others, it is as if the door to heaven has just been opened.

That's true, childbirth makes women busy with the newborn but in some cases, this can mean increased libido in some women. But there is no hard and fast rule in this statement most women would live a normal life. However, women's background and social status has a big role in their sex life.