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RE: Fails of the Urban Explorer: Ridge Lea Hospital

Ridge Lea Hospital failed! I am so disappointed for the trip made and for not getting to peek into another creepy insane asylum. :)) Sorry. They used to give me the Heebie Jeebies. In school, we rotated to one of the scarier loony bins in the area and it would raise the hair on my arms going through the doors.

I was looking forward to going in with you, Haha! I didn't realize that @bingbabe was in 100% with you! Bravo! You pulled her to the other side. I had no idea you two kids were teammates too. :)

Just as well she didn't go inside there. Has she been in one? Some of them are freaking scary without being abandoned. Imagine that. Sorry to hear about your compadres being busted for walking around. They are really coming down hard on your urbex people when the ones they need to bust are the vagrants. Pfft.

I hope this isn't the beginning of the end. I am really enjoying myself! :(


Locations are being boarded-up, renovated or worse.. demolished all the time. I am 4 months behind or so on these tales and several I have yet to post are now bricks.

@bingbabe has done a few with me, but she's not that keen. She runs marathons and is more into running that climbing through windows edged with glass.