Cityscape graphics-2

That's when I walk, then there are thoughts for the post, and when it comes to writing directly, the thoughts disappear's time to start a notebook and keep it always with you. So It will!

Once I heard about such a theory that the number of parallel worlds, as well as the coordinate system, in one direction or another has an infinite number.

I believe this statement is incorrect. Everything is much simpler.

Let's try to figure it out. There is only 12 o'clock on the watch face. There are 12 months. There are 12 cells on one side of the chessboard.

It seems to me that 12x12 = 144 is the number of dimensions or parallel worlds.

I, of course, spied on this from the Freemasons, but I came to this practically myself.
I found only confirmation from them.

And seven days in a week, but seven colors, seven senses, seven notes?

This is all some kind of physics that is hidden from us. These are the elements of the matrix, part of the system. But it is all so strongly ingrained into the brain as a routine that we do not even think about it.

And then there is the number 4: seasons, leap years, weeks in a month. Everything is somehow too thought out and arranged. Like a computer, only on a global scale.

There are viruses and malfunctions in the program, there are programmers who solve all the problems.

It seems to me that I am talking about some of the most banal topics. It's a shame. But as soon as I tell someone about this, everyone is surprised that they did not think about such simple things.

Graphics of nature. If you see these photos, then they are important to the system.

So she needs a certain circle of people to see these pictures and read this text.

And I also think that I repeat myself very often. Although in fact it is, I just present the same thing, only in different ways.

There soon will be graphics, but the kind that you will see for the first time.


But are the numbers even real? Or where do the numbers come from? Did we just made them up or? But I like numbers and these photos are very nice too. 😀