Courtyard spaces. Fryazinovo-4

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Courtyard spaces around houses of different eras are formed in different ways. Somewhere there are a lot of empty spaces, somewhere on the contrary, it is very crowded. But the worst of all is the atmosphere among new buildings: barriers, a lot of cars, white eye-burning LED lamps, the absence of trees and shrubs, "plastic" playgrounds, perfectly smooth asphalt and sidewalks. What should I photograph in this case? Where does any atmosphere come from?


It is good that there are few such yards in Fryazinovo.

It's good that this post is still about the spaces among the dormitories and houses of the Khrushchev era.

Yes, times are changing and you need to adapt to modern realities.

We need large parking lots near houses, we need durable vandal-proof sports equipment and playgrounds.

Modern technologies allow you to install very bright and economical light sources.

It's good to live, but there is no soul.

Trees and bushes are absolutely necessary!

We need garages! Where can children play hide-and-seek?

Puddles are needed: how will the children gain experience?

We need walls where they can draw! Even with chalk or a piece of red brick...

I have been in the courtyards of newly built houses. There is everything for children...but up to a certain age. And then the older child will look for adventures in other places.

Wait! All of the above is just my prism of perception of the yard based on childhood memories.

Maybe someone has a completely different understanding, and I'm all under the same comb?

Unfortunately, not. All children are the same from generation to generation! I often visit courtyards during the day and see how all older children are attracted by the same thing: puddles, garbage, sticks, water bodies (swamps, lakes, rivers), garages, tires.

Do you think if children are given something different, better, different, new, then they will stop being interested in all of the above? Not either. They'll just find it in another yard.

You just need to put some kind of structure in the middle of the yard in the form of an abandoned building with empty windows, walls of broken bricks, then this will be a place of attraction for children from all over the neighborhood. I guarantee it!

To be continued...