Courtyard spaces. The center of Vologda. Part 5

You know, but I'm starting to love the city center. But this should be the very center, not its outskirts. It is interesting here because of the difference between the eras of apartment buildings. My movement to explore the courtyards of Vologda is moving from east to west and from south to north. Perhaps because I live in the southeast and the study proceeds as the distance from my home is.

First of all, I visit those areas that I wanted to get to for a long time, and then I go through the accompanying ones.

But almost always the accompanying quarters turn out to be many times more interesting than the desired place.

The Zolotukha River flows in this quarter.

The railway station is very close by. You can hear it over the sound of the wheels of trains.

In this part of the center of Vologda it is very difficult to trace the layout of the building develorment.

The houses here are of the most varied types and in the most unexpected places.

A modern elite apartment building can be located next to a panel building.

And in the center of the quarter you can even find a two-story apartment barrack.

The Zolotukha River crosses half of the city from south to north and flows into the Vologda River.

I'm still trying to describe the characteristics of this neighborhood, but my thoughts are running somewhere into the distance...

I had to resort to third-party means to connect to a specific frequency in order to finish this post. I listened to the music necessary for this. By the way, sometime in the fall there was already a similar situation with the courtyards of the center: I kept losing my mind.

Recently, I have been attracted not by the blue and yellow shades of light sources, but by some green or red color that wedges into this struggle of color temperature.

That is, I am now looking not for two colors, but three or four.

But most often it turns out to find only two, because the main sources of street lighting are cold white LED lamps and slightly more outdated toxic orange sodium lamps.

And a greenish tint is given by mercury lamps, which are now almost everywhere taken out of service in cities as street lighting.

Outdated mercury lamps can only be found in courtyards, where management companies or individuals have installed a cheaper light source to illuminate a parking lot or entrance.

Sometimes in the center of the courtyard you can find an old wooden house. But this is extremely rare.

Another interesting light source can be ultraviolet lamps, which are installed by residents on window sills or loggias to illuminate plants.

If in the foreground there is a cold shade, then it is better to find a warm one in the background...and vice versa.

When everything around is only yellow or only blue, the picture automatically becomes boring even with the correct white balance.

In general, I expected more from the microdistrict with the river flowing through it.

But now I understand that the walk itself as a fact is already worth remembering about it.

To be continued...


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