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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Alcan Pechiney Aerospace Industrials

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Just a few points

I was not expecting hand-written industrial orders regarding 'Transformers' from 1956.

try explaining to kids what life was like before their ipad things!!

There was plenty more to see, @grindle would love it here (if he can fit through that bloody fence gap).

You cheeky bastard!!!!!

Talk about tight. This was worse than the late Mary Whitehouse’s vagina

Quality 80's porn, happy days it was always a "toss up" between her and the stunning most wonderful Jo Guest.

I am not FAT!!!!


Mary Whitehouse was the anti-porn campaigner, you are thinking about Linda Lovelace lol..!

I am not FAT!!!!

To be an explorer, you can't be.. that or fail at many places. I have still yet to see you, do drop by when you visit the north.