Villa Farm, Cheshire

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A big old highly noticeable farm on a main A Road, through Cheshire. Hard not to spot when stuck at a set of traffic lights.
Let’s turn left, let’s go mooch.


I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘oh Lordy, a missing window”

Trees? No
Grass? No
Flowers? No

I’ve just fucking told you “ a missing window”


Not much of note in here, the most interesting kitchen bit?

A bunch of cutlery and the biggest ipen tips in the world ever; who lives here Andre the Giant? (homage to the WWF at a time when I believed it to be real, it was wasn’t it?)


Just curtains,



Just a fireplace, which seems strangely out of place, colour wise and just a chair, no curtains. Sorry



I don’t know what an MASC is but I think 1500m is about a mile


Oh the Crystal chandelier lights up the painting on the wall, or in this instance some 1970’s artex.


I don’t think I was even impressed with the spiders web nor family games



At that, it was back out the window for a quick flirt with the outbuildings

I remember my old mum making cakes on a Sunday, and adding this as it’s “what posh people do”. Things is kids were told back in the day. Like, cleaning your teeth with soot out of the chimney will make them really white; yeah right mother they look white because the rest of my mouth is black as fuck!


Left over bits from treating the cows, injecting them with antibiotics, passed through the food chain, weakening our own immune systems. -





Everyman should be as organised as this


Carpe Diem.


See you soon


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Ode to a lovely old homestead at the hands of those who mucked it up, what awful colours!

Windows with latches are quaint, fireplace something of interest the rest pure waste, oh the window without glass, perhaps too many had been through already...

@tipu curate

I guess you don’t do lurid then! 😂

Not here, might end up being the paint on the walls 🙃

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What an interesting post. It seems such a shame really, that house could have such character, these photos are remnants of memories and I wonder what the people that lived there looked like, what they were like as people.

@bingbabe uses charcoal to brush her teeth. Whether its a myth or not I don't know. Some glorious decay in those cowsheds. They left all the milking gear behind.

Oops sorry mum!

Those curtains certainly stand out, reamarkably clean looking too!

This was not badly decayed in all fairness

Wow wicked! I am sad I don’t get to do as much urbex as I used too, especially when in the south of the U.K. they seem to love to just bull doze places instead of leaving them to the sands of time :(

I understand what you mean by development