Urbex Belgium, Hospital Sanatorium du Basil!

There are so many awesome locations in Belgium where you can go for a proper urbex shoot. Like this old hospital.
Its not very pretty inside because vandals have totally demolished it! But it got some nice halls and basements where you can take awesome pictures. I have made about 1500 pictures last couple of days on my trip trough Belgium and in am very happy if i see pictures like this that i made on top of the roof of the building.


I love puddle pictures :p

This is just a start of my collection, i am processing my pictures as we speak but i could not wait to begin posting :p
We visited three locations this weekend starting with this hospital. Very accessible location but not for long! I have heard that they have sold the property and they want to renovate it or something. it would make an awesome hotel!


Rooms like this are completely destroyed! Its good for pictures like this but du to this demolition many rooms are not accessible any more! But the view outside is still very nice!


This room would be an awesome penthouse or something, but probably a hotelroom that's to expensive for me :p


This was just the top floor of this building! The girls went all up in the tower you see in picture one. That was a little to much for me because of the tricky climb. I am going back to editing the rest of my pictures, I wil put them op soon! I hope you enjoyed it so far!


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Thank you :)

Hospitals are very creepy places, I have done just one and it's now being demolished. Nice work!

I saved the best work of this place for last :) It didn't felt that creepy because al that would remind of a hospital was gone! Just an empty building!

Love creepy!

Have done a few medical institutions, including a lunatic asylum which was pitch black, I loved it.

One old care home I did, also pitch black, found a room That looked like squatters had been using, moved on down the corridor to check out the rest, came back about 15mins later........
There was the distinct fresh odour of cigarette smoke, but not a soul to be seen, in my dim head torch beam. AWESOME!!!

Haha nice, i just was walking to take awesome pictures! didn't pay that much attention on the atmosfeer :D Next time i will :D

Look forward to your uploads