Abandoned house in the village

Today I was visiting a village where there are residents but one house located at the end of the village caught my attention.

As I walk through the village, I pass by numerous village houses, but I come across one house that has been run over by the ravages of time. The roofs of the house almost collapsed, the windows were dilapidated, and instead of people, their occupant became a cobweb.

Nowadays, you can find houses that have been abandoned, demolished and run over by time, because everyone is fleeing to the city for a better life. Although I think we should still appreciate the natural beauty of the village and the clean air.


The house is overgrown with weeds, there is a tree next to it, the gate has collapsed, so it allows me to enter the yard.


The yard is really overgrown with grass, I can hardly find a passage, one stump can be seen in the photo, so there seems to be a small passage next to it.


On the trail I come across an old sneaker.


And finally the door, let's see what's hidden from it.


A table and a sofa, as if branches of greenery had begun to sprout from the floor, and even those were in overgrown weeds. What will happen in a year, I wonder?



On the big table in the next room, there are: scissors, plastic cutlery, a jar and some other small things.


There is no kitchen or bathroom in the house, when I left the house I took photos of the dilapidated window and the view from the side of the house.


On a little clean ground, which can be found in this chaos, I came across one punctured ball.



In front of the house, everything was overgrown with nothing but old stumps and some stones.


So abandoned and overgrown with weeds and trees that surrounded the house, I think that for a while there will be no access to enter and look.

Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

(The content of the text, as well as images, videos, and other media, are my own personal and private data.)

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Your English is very good @obsesija
Some great images there, I wonder what happened to the other sneaker 😂
Thanks for sharing