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RE: Fails of the Urban Explorer: Ridge Lea Hospital

in Urban Exploration6 days ago

Epic fail 😉

Sure does look spooky...

one of the few remaining former lunatic asylums left in the United Kingdom.

maybe I'm looking at my future destiny as my friends always said I was a bit cracked in the head 😂

The security seems quite tight, or is that pretty standard? I guess it's an urbex Wonderland inside.


The grounds were easy enough to get into. Inside.., its like most hospitals, peeling wallpaper, green slime on the walls.., its big so I would have to search for those great scenes.

You should try Mossley Manor, right next door to you.. and still accessible. Watch out for the careful placed dogshit designed especially for explorers next to the wall.

I'd love to do that type of stuff m8 but I have nerve damage and pain in my left leg from a disc injury. Generally I'm not physically caable of jumping fences anymore.

Just have to live vicariously through your posts :)