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RE: Fails of the Urban Explorer: Ridge Lea Hospital

in Urban Exploration5 days ago

I hate OSB, it's alot harder to get through than fencing or normal plywood. Kimmy and bolt cutters, shame it Looks like an awesome place too.

Maybe some enterprising soul will free up an entrance 😁

Thanks for sharing


Oh I would never damage anything, or break in. That's against the 'code'. I am quite happy to make use of holes made by others though.

I might need a bit more research into the 'code'... Haven't actually opened up any doors lately. Might have squeezed through the cracks. But we can always hope someone else just wants to some loot.

Personally it's about seeing what's left over in these old places. I've yet to find a use for cobwebs and old newspapers. And when there is something better I want to leave it where I found it.

After all, what's the fun in leaving a barren space for others when it was full for you?

Sorry I've hit the wine and said too much.

Still an awesome place tho.