MY CITY IN 10 PHOTOS" By @sailawana

Hi everyone.

How are you today?
Hopefully everything in a good condition. Just keep smiling and face the world with positive vibes. This is me @sailawana from Indonesia. I will show you my amateur shots using my smartphone camera. The picture shows buildings and places in my area (my city).

1.Al Hikmah Mosque


Location :

Al Hikmah Mosque is a place of worship in my city, the color of the building and the dome is green. The mosque, which is always crowded, is visited by both locals and immigrants from outside the city to worship. Because this mosque is located on a cross road between provinces. The atmosphere of the mosque is very comfortable and clean.

2.Straits of Malacca


Location :

This crossroads leads to the entrance of my city, namely the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh. It is called the Malacca Strait intersection because here there used to be a hotel with the name Malacca Strait. The atmosphere of this street in the morning and evening will be very crowded by motorists who want to cross to the city center.

3.Rencong Monument


Location :

This rencong monument is located at the entrance gate to my city center, lhokseumawe, this monument is in the form of a rencong at the top, which is a typical weapon of my region of Aceh, Indonesia. At night this monument will look more beautiful because it is decorated with lights.

4. Lhokseumawe city museum


Location :

The only museum building in the center of my city is this museum building. Here, various traditional Acehnese objects are stored, which is the area where I live. There are various ancient objects here. The shape of this museum also resembles a traditional Acehnese house, which is in the form of a stage supported by solid pillars.

5.Shops on uteunkot street


Location :

In this place there are shop buildings that line up neatly in a row. The shops here sell a wide variety of goods. Starting from food traders, to building materials traders.

6.Cut Meutia General Hospital


Location :

One of the largest regional hospitals in my city is this Cut Meutia Hospital. The facilities are also fairly complete. This hospital is always visited by patients.

7. North Aceh regional representative office


Location :

This building stands majestically and is a place where various meetings and meetings are held by political executives who are the people's representative council.

8.North Aceh Regent's office


Location :

This building is where the central government of the regional head, called the regent, takes place. The office of the regent of North Aceh stands majestically and is adjacent to the House of Representatives building.

9. Lhokseumawe no.1 state vocational high school building


Location :

This building is a famous school building, which is in the center of the city of Ku Lhokseumawe. This school is equivalent to a high school. But more based on expertise.

10. Ocean Cafe


Location :

Ocean cafe is a cafe located on the beach in the village of Ulee Reubek, North Aceh district. A comfortable and clean cafe atmosphere will make us feel at home for long. relax and enjoy the beach atmosphere.

That's my city in 10 photos..

Happy day all 😊😄




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