Fails of the Urban Explorer: A Quartet of Failures III

Continuing my series of ‘Fails’, here are a few more to look over. These were not all done on the same day and are in different locations in the north-west of the UK.

Some of these I was expecting to get in, but because of their exposure on Facebook, they have been sealed up very quickly.


It has made me think twice about placing my content on this popular social media platform. On one hand, I want to advertise HIVE, on the other this can happen.

Maybe Twitter is the way to go, or I should be selective about what goes on to Facebook?


Eccles Crown Theatre

As nobody had mentioned this historic building in what seems ages, I was anticipating this one to be a, ‘no chance’ visit and was correct.


I didn’t know they were converting it into flats, which sucks.


…’they could at least let me go in and have a poke around first’


Half of it has already been demolished.


With CCTV everywhere and every possible hole sealed up, this was a definite no-go location. It does look imposing and awesome though.


My record of getting in cinema’s and theatre still stands at an abysmal zero. I feel there is little point returning to this one.


Unnamed Building

While passing through Haworth in West Yorkshire we spotted this old hulking building.


It was next to the main road and even worse a bus stop with people hanging around; not good at all.


We didn’t jump the wall as there seemed little point, someone had done well with the seals.


The obvious weak point is at the bottom center. What looks like an embedded plaque halfway up the wall had no writing. We were not going to get in there.


Church of Christ the King

I was expecting to gain access to this offbeat modern style church but it has very recently been sealed.


At a guess, this was Facebook and its public exposure to being accessible as it has been posted recently.


Around the back looked like somewhere in the Amazon jungle, a few years of neglect causes this to happen very easily.



I was quite miffed at being denied access to this one, my success with churches as well as theatres is not so good.


Rose Court Infant School

I was pre-warned that access to this ‘school’ that doesn’t look anything like a school would be likely blocked.


Having been in the newspaper is even worse than being exposed to Facebook.


I am seeing this newspaper crap more often recently; they don't pay the providers of information and reveal the streets where the buildings are located.


If they ask me for permission they will get a big 'fuck off' from me. Its no wonder they are inst-sealed or worse desecrated before that can happen.


More recently Rose Court Infant School was opened up for a very short time and very quickly re-sealed.


It may look isolated but it's on a busy road with a wall separating it from us and the general public. Inside is a very cool spiral staircase which I am not now going to get to see.


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Damn, the newspapers! That's a guaranteed way of it getting stopped up!

That theatre would have been ace though, as it is it will probably make some very nice flats!

The newspapers are a pain in the arse, especially when it's a time capsule. Otherwise, it's overdramatized and suddenly 'haunted'' wankers!

Yeah, I've seen haunted before. Be always makes me giggle how there can be so many haunted deserted places!

They would have you believe ALL of them are HAUNTED, that's with CAPS too!

They love the caps.


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Arhhhh sealed. This word doesn't sound good for an explorer.I would love to see some old theatre inside photos😍😍

I really liked the picture with the Amazon jungle vibe. Really cool how nature conquers all.

Yeah, sealed sucks but doesn't mean sealed forever. There are gangs who go around unsealing them, who get scorned upon but we do take advantage of what they leave behind.. like holes!

Uuuu so cool. Doing these urban explorations must feel so adventurous, like a mini shot of adrenaline

Nice buildings
Just seen the infants school on FB, someone else failed there over the weekend

Yeah, it's doing the rounds right now, word will will get around that it's sealed and hopefully that will be the end of it.. for now.

For now indeed!!!
I very rarely post on fb or the forums now. To many twats about.

While it stinks that you weren't able to gain access, it is cool that the first place is going to become something as opposed to getting burned out or tore down. It looks like a really cool old building. Are the people on Facebook just random individuals or other urbex people who don't know enough to keep their mouths shut?

Are the people on Facebook just random individuals or other urbex people who don't know enough to keep their mouths shut?

@bozz, the community is massive there, thousands of them. Some are guarded about locations, others not so. I think you get my meaning.

nooo access denied. I like the idea of having an explore around an old theatre. That would have been pretty cool. These buildings have amazing character and you've captured their decaying majesty perfectly. Damn would have been good to have a nose around inside though

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I love old English architecture.