Fails of the Urban Explorer: A Quartet of Failures V

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These days I have a lot more tales than fails. Call it a spate of good luck or maybe extreme stupidity at taking more risks when trying to gain access.

Still, there's always some that have been sealed 5 minutes before we arrive or you need to be a supreme ninja to get in.


While I can’t do anything about the former, I am working on the latter at least to the levels my body will allow.


The House

'The House' is not going to get any more of a name than this, as it is strictly off the Urban Explorer radar, and I don't want some bastards going along and opening it up.


Yes, the house was sealed up good and proper, and to get into the grounds we found ourselves on our bellies and pushing the fat in to get under a large gate.


It was all in vain and beside a hoard of angry spiders attacking me when I approached the front window, we had to concede defeat.


I know for a fact it's been empty for years and is a semi-detached property. There must be a lot of damp and wetness seeping through to next door. Bad if you happen to live there.


The Woolpack

This was always going to be a wreck. A black monstrosity situated in the middle of Manchester that looked like it should have been pulled down years ago should have been easy.


Alas, the demolition dudes had already arrived and placed this metal surround 'thing' completely around it.


I have to give them credit, there were also camera's with CCTV to protect the contents of the blackened wreck.


I know there's nothing in there but crap, dust, and debris. Get the thing pulled down and quickly I say.


Crumpsall Library

In the heart of the Manchesters' Jewish community area lies this unused but unique looking abandoned building.


Someone has been in quite recently and I can report it is a shell inside. Shell or not, we still wanted to check it out.

My photographs do portray an empty-looking street void of cars but that can't be farther than the truth. It was 1 pm on Saturday afternoon and the area was heaving with people.


Not good for when you are trying to sneak in somewhere and bad for architecture shots WITHOUT people. I had to take many shots to get these human and car-free ones.


There was a way in past a metal shutter that has been bent back but it was too small for even @dizzydiscovery to fit, never mind a fat bugger like me.


Leigh College

This old looking building appears to be intact, ancient and historic from the front.


The plaque tells me it was built just about the time Queen Victoria died. That may seem old but compared to some places I visit, it's not.


The back of the building told a different story. It’s being partly demolished. Getting past the anti-climbing fencing was not a big deal but getting inside was.



See that pole? hang upside down and shimmy up it, grabbing the railings near the top and haul yourself up. That's the way in.


Not a bloody chance! What do you take me for, a performing chimpanzee?


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Cool i love seeing old abandon haunted building and houses they always have a story to tell and you seem to cover them with a great sense of humor love it dude well done 👍

Oh wow, that is pretty crazy about the way in on that last one. You definitely would have to be a ninja to get access there. It is too bad the library didn't work out. I think that one would have been cool even if it was just a shell inside.

I don't mind if they are shells, you get used to the low standards!

Hahaha performing chimpanzeee, you're funny. It's actually quite a sport to enter in one of these places. I would have loved to see the inside of the library

It's a challenge, sometimes a challenge too much for me!

I believe you, it would easily replace a gym pass haha

Man that library looks like architecturally it would have been worth a gander. Too bad its just not doable for the effort involved.

You're not allowed to bring ladders are you? Or is that where youve stepped over the legality line? Would be handy so you don't have to do the circus chimp act.

You're not allowed to bring ladders are you?

Yes, I have some in the back of the car. Using them in full view of the neighbours isn't too bright!

i love the creepiness feeling everytime i look at your photos ! it would have been nice if it was explored on the inside, bet that'd be more creepier

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Lately we have been doing well and getting in many of them, but there's always some that are like this and getting inside is not going to happen. I may try them later again next year.

i look forward to it ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

The woolpack. That made me giggle, that's the name of the pub in Emmerdale ain't it?

I think so, but I don't watch soaps these days, or even much TV. There are a lot of 'woolpacks' around here, all of them looking better than this mess!

Me neither. I don't think anyone does these days. The name sticks in my head

That old library is an interesting looking building. The demolition people or whoever has control of these places don't want the liability of some ne'er-do-well (had to look that up) getting in and doing themselves a mischief. Looks like there's a fair bit of luck involved with these missions.

Take care mate.

liability of some ne'er-do-well (had to look that up) getting in and doing

I had to look it up as well, did you think as a northerner I would know it? :)

There is some luck and that is timing on whether they have been sealed up again. It's a never ending game, of crack open and then seal. Who cracks them open.., I have no idea.

Some people have less scruples than you about breaking things. I guess if they already did the damage then you feel it's okay to make use of it. You have to decide on your own moral stance, but it could have something to do with what can get you into trouble with the rozzers :)

Some pretty good looking prospects (except for the black thing), too bad you couldn't get in.

It's like a batting average in baseball I guess. Sometimes the building wins!

except for the black thing

Haha, made me laugh.. it is a black thing! Havent seen these kind of pubs in a long time, I thought they had all be flattened!

What do you take me for, a performing chimpanzee?

Talk to the organ grinder, not the monkey. Did you go to Yelo House while in Bangkok? That “song” seemed to be their favorite.

Missed that one, besides Wat Po, I didn't go to far.

That’s a shame some great buildings there, just begging to be photographed.

There's always some, I was kind of looking forward to that house. Bit of a bummer and it's been explored before, but not recently.

A revisit maybe in the future

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