Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Lair of the Giant Spiders

in Urban Explorationlast month (edited)

This story doesn’t follow the regular trajectory of my usual content. It was a might-be that I picked up from the usual maps scouring exercises.

"There's something in that corner", I mentioned to @anidiotexplores, sending him the pin via Facebook messenger.

As it wasn’t too far from our schedule and so we added it to the agenda.


On arriving, we walked for a good 400 yards down a grassy path, possibly used for dog-walkers while glowering at a huge fence with spikes atop.

For fuck sake, how much farther before we give up on this one?

The question was silent but pertinent. Many times they do come to nothing, but can surprise you if it’s some undiscovered gem.

.. and then we saw a gate, a gate that was 10 feet high but perfectly climbable.


…’not the same gate but another one from Wapping School, an old explore of mine. The gate design was very much the same’…

Note to those who want to keep people out. Don’t use gates like this one. They have handy places for feet and lack those spiky bits on top that cut into your testicles.

Beyond the gate, there was what looked like an old mill or building. We could not be sure.

Climbing over these gates used to be a chore for me, but my body appears to have gotten used to the demands I place on it.

We were both over in seconds, approaching the unknown building and its stash of photogenic booty.


Bypassing the foliage was the major obstacle. The entrance was open, but what was inside. Pig shit or something more interesting?



It was full of old crap alright. Crap of the most boring type ever made. What a load of... crap.

Backpedalling we pursued the undergrowth and found ourselves entering the realms of the Giant Spider.


There was some industrial machinery of sorts in this jungle, but was it worth the effort? Underfoot was getting a little too squelchy for my liking.


No fucking way I am going through there, death awaits for sure.


..or there, the cobweb depth was up to my waist. Can you imagine the size of the arachnoids lurking, just waiting to poison, and then slowly suck the life out me?


Whatever this was once, it did not appear to have any opening anywhere. I don't have a fear of Spiders, but there was something out there ready to eat us. I could feel it.


The tractor has not been used in years. The steering wheel (used for the caption image), gave me a half-decent shot.

Heading back toward the tall gate both of us had noticed a large mansion full of scaffolding. I didn’t even get a shot of it which is disappointing.

"This doesn't feel right at all", @anidiotexlores said with a trace of nerves in his voice.


I had to agree. The grounds were full of old cars but something did not feel right. Was there someone living in there, scaffolding or not?

No sooner had we breached the perimeter and taken a few car shots than a skinny, ageing tall bloke who looked like he hadn't washed in weeks came storming out.

How the fuck did he see us so quickly?

“What the bloody hell do you think you are doing, you better explain yourselves and quickly”

We didn't run and this situation is not new to us. Knowing the past statistics of around 90% success of calming angry mad-looking hippies down, we gave him the usual spiel.

"How did you get inside my fencing", Hippy continued, interrupting and only half-listening to us.

“We climbed over the gate”, replied @anidiotexplores a little too sheepishly.

"YOU DID WHAT?", boomed Hippy now visibly angry and not believing that anyone could possibly mount his impenetrable gate.

I figured I was going to have to intervene at this point. Legging it to the gate was not an option as he would have at least one of us, and why bother when we are simply photographers.

"The cars and the old building adjacent to your house attracted us", I said, "not because we want to steal them, but for their photogenic value"


Hippy stopped in his tracks and at least appeared to listen.

We explained the Urban Exploration scene to him and I could see we were winning him over slowly.

Being invited in for Tea, Biscuits, and a guided tour of his mansion I felt was going a little far but it was progress.

After around ten minutes the atmosphere had improved dramatically but then Hippy started boring us to tears with tales of a nomadic lifestyle, living within nature, never seeing anybody else, and being thoroughly content with his life.

@andiotexplores was now in a standing semi-stupor and I could see the drool dribbling down his chin. Trying to wake him up would make Hippy notice. This had to end and quickly.


"We need to get going, thanks for the nature lesson but we have more explores to visit"

"Oh really.. how thoroughly fascinating.. where are you going next, how were the others you did earlier, do you think I could come along..."

Oh fucking hell.. why did I say that… are we ever going to escape this accursed place and this crazy bastard?

I was coming to terms with the fact of ... maybe it would have been better to be devoured by those Giant Spiders.


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I so want a picture of those giant spiders!!! Maybe if you go back and visit the old man, he will show you where they're hiding 🤣


I didn't think to ask him about the spiders, could be that he is the Spider Master and controls them?

If so you have to talk to him! Just think, you would be giving Hive an exclusive story about a new species of man eating spiders!!!


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The white shit is cobwebs!?! Are you fucking serious? That's insane. I thought it was dandelion or plant fluff or something.

Crazy hippy man sounds scary to me. I picture him with tight shorts, sandels, a half torn shirt and grizzly beard.

It looked like webs to me, I wasn't going to look further.. a pincer could have taken my eye out! Hippy was well educated, but had shunned society.

Gotcha. I don't think I would go in and explore any further either.

Understandable. Who doesn't want to shun society and live in the woods at times?

Who doesn't want to shun society and live in the woods at times?

It's not a bad idea, @revisesociology would concur!

That thing without the entrance, that's not an old school bus is it? Looks like a school bus on a trailer. 🤔

Whatever your go-to settings are for enhancing images is spot on chap!

It looks more like part of a train to me, but there were no tracks. Our buses don't like like yours.. but I can see where you are getting the idea from.

Whatever your go-to settings are for enhancing images is spot on chap!


This was quite entertaining! (Sorry!) I haven't seen spider webs like that since a sci-fi movie, I think it was called In a spiders web. If the webs looked like, can you imagine the spiders that belong to them? That is just horrifying!

I looked at that fence and cannot believe that you catapult yourself over that thing!

Not sure if that Yippie was living there, but, judging from the scaffolding that homeless people don't carry around, I would say this hermit lived there. Whoa! You got yourself a live wire there, didn't you??

The first few shots going through the shed/barn were okay... wait, back up, the scene laid before you were okay, the pictures were amazing! Epic editing. Every picture pops! Great work. If nothing else worked out, the pictures were worthy of the trip. I think that thing in the woods is a train. Where are the tracks?

Lastly, the guy gunning for you like that would have scared the bejesus out of me. Run towards the spiders! You have a better chance. Unless they are poisonous. The world of Urban Exploring is fascinating! I can see why you made a new friend. You should have given him grindle's phone number for a join up! :) No! Kidding. You like him. Great post! Thank you!

I looked at that fence and cannot believe that you catapult yourself over that thing!

I am not particularly quick, but can manage it now. I would rather walk through it than climb it!

I was thinking of not posting this one due to lack of images, but there was a story and that's what clinched it. TBH, we have few human encounters and shy away from them (does that make me sound NOT human!).

Of course I was only kidding about the fence. But still in my mind it played out better than it probably did, as in I wish I was there holding a camera on it. All joking aside oh, I think it was swarthy with the story and the pictures the pictures were absolutely the best part. So I'm glad you did and I look forward to more. Thank you. And just so you know, the way you guys get in is almost as interesting as the find itself.

Good to hear you made a new friend with your amazing charm skills. Just lucky he didn't set his tame spiders on you. He may not be so welcoming if a load more urbexers turn up.


It's all about your demeanour and approach. If you are a common thug they tend to sense it. We talked him around, but he didn't half go on. He was not as bad as the bloke from the The Church of the Ageing Master, that one takes the biscuit.

Another great exploration from you. The vehicle in the firts photo looks like an agricultural motor, now being driven by spiders :)

It could well be agricultural. I like these shots the more I look at them, it's a pity I didn't get more. Hippy's Mansion should be protected though, it's not abandoned and we generally avoid people at all costs.

That looks a weird walk! Nice vintage stuff in that shed

Nice vintage stuff in that shed

It looked like a load of old junk to me! The stuff we find ad-hoc in Wales.., if it looks fishy on maps, go take a look.

At least the guy was cool about it. I used to do this stuff when I was MUCH younger and you meet some pretty interesting people from time to time. Sooner or later I might get up enough nerve to do an explore and post it to Hive. Great story, and nice find!

Daring over there! Don't you get knifed/shot/killed/mugged (delete as appropriate)?

Wow,that almost looks like snow it is so thick! I actually thought it was the stuff from some of the plants like we have over hear at first. We get that where they all shed off and then the wind blows them around into a confined area where they congregate and pile up. At least you made it out of there with your life.

It did give me one decent photograph, though I regret not taking more at this one. More of a confrontation and less of an explore!

Your adventures always make for a good telling. Keep up the good work.

It has deteriorated but it has a beauty of its own. Beautiful photos.

A spooky place with spiders! You really are a fearless madman, once you made your way there! But interesting! Thanks.

Tsk! You could've taken more pictures of the cars.

He collared us, I couldn't.

So I had a quick look on T'Internet. That's a CITROEN XM VSX TURBO (1994 Reg) last taxed in 2011 currently SWORN. If that was a BX it'd be worth a few bob.

image source

Is that a BMW M6 E24? My heart hurts seeing in what condition the car is.

Its a 1986 model, I can tell you that. It would appear to be the model you mention.

I feel like I just went on a bit of adventure from your neck of the woods. Nice change of scenery from the abandoned places here on this island in Thailand. Here we have rusted out motorbikes and rotten Thai long tail boats instead of BMWs! hahaha. Thanks for bringing us along!

Any snakes lurking about? I'm always careful doing UX in South Europe due to these.

I haven't come across one, but they say you have to be on look out for cobras all over Thailand, including this island. Certainly don't want to get bit by one of those!

I can imagine a giant spider ready to eat you up lol. I wonder if that can be from the trees, I noticed in the forest that there is a sort of tree which sheds fluffy spider like stuff and that forms the white carpet on the soil.

..and I thought I had found a new species of spider. I was going to call David Attenborough and tell him.. sulk

Hahaha! I don't think you would have liked to meet such a new spider with such a capacity to weave its coccoon. It should have been giant lol.

No fucking way I am going through there, death awaits for sure.

Ha! I would have felt the same way. Spiders and I are not pals. Once again some pretty amazing find on your part. The story becomes even better when Hippy gets involved. You handled that well.

For some reason it reminds me of a time when I intervened with a security officer that was trying to play real life police officer when we were all drinking beer on the beach. She was trying to get us in trouble for drinking underage and well to be fair to her, some of us (not me) actually were underage. But I was able to engage in a conversation with her and the next thing i know we were pals... but then she just kept going on and on and on and on and I couldn't get away.

In a way I kind of feel bad for these sorts of people. They have so much to say but just aren't really good at understanding when enough is enough. By the way I didn't upvote because I didn't want to spoil your perfect "666" upvote number... hail satan.

Hippy turned out to be OK. He unlocked the gate to let us out. I wouldn't have minded the climb back myself, a little more exercise!

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