Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Pig Farm

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I have just got in from a hard day’s Urbex session in Halifax and Bradford which was a resounding success.

As a consequence, I’m knackered and should be hitting the sack and not typing this stuff you are reading now.

Visiting all these places is all well and good but when you realise you have 42 in the bag waiting to be written up, you need to get in gear and write.


The Pig Farm was a visit last June and a rare solo for me. @bingbabe was with me but too chicken-shit to come in. I had no choice but to brave the big bad farmhouse alone.

As for the history, I do know the real name of the farm but other than the usual, 'plans to renovate the land into several homes', there's nothing out there.


I won't add the article link as I don't want to reveal the location of this one.

The google images are so old for this rural location that it shows cars on the grounds and the premises obviously habitable.

That was 2015, and so if I can assume the owners left shortly after this, that's five years of possibly being empty.



Pigs are not photogenic; the barns they lived in and the shit they deposit, even less so. I made short work of the outhouses, made for the main course, and hoped something might be left after half a decade of neglect.


The decision to take the wonky ladder or head through the front door was a tough one, what would you have done?


In the end, I did neither and entered via this side door.


Feeling at home right away, courtesy of the welcoming graffiti, I found myself in the kitchen.


What was written in the open cupboard, I just can’t imagine?


It is truly gratifying when you see information such as this. The Urbex community are such a helpful set of people, full of advice and tips.

Needless to the warning, I continued and noticed the 'death-trap' in front of me.


…'I could have balanced on the dodgy beams, so long as I didn't mind nails sticking in my feet'…

The room I was forced to avoid, it was small and insignificant looking.


Finding 'stuff' in The Pig House was not going to be easy. On this occasion, the previous owners had removed everything when they left.


Most inconsiderate of them I say. They did leave the wallpaper I suppose.


What a great view of the countryside, my filtering makes it a little too colourful on this occasion.


The stairs looked nice and sturdy, with no banister and just a tad of a hole on the other flight.


You can't escape racism in old buildings, it's everywhere.


A broken kettle; I had found something other than stones, bird shit, and grime. Was there hope for more?



So upstairs was a little dodgy, with plenty of holes and spongy wooden flooring. I would give it another 2 years and then going upstairs will be out of the question.


I was treading most tentatively on the second floor. Every step gave me a creak making it unnerving.



One room burnt out and the other laid with the finest Axminster. Which one to visit first?


Next to the burnt room was the bathroom, except taking a bath is now out of the question.


I thought it unwise to tread in the burnt room.



The Axminster room is obviously where the action happens. Is that some rum left in the bottle, or piss?


I made my way very slowly downstairs again. The upper floor maybe being part of the warning scribbled on the lower floors’ walls.



They must have produced their own power once.


The sofas were in the closet outhouse, nice leather with just a hint of mould.


In all honesty, there was little to see in The Pig Farm. I do love farmhouses usually, they are up with the best explores, but not all farmhouses are equal.

There some classic English Literature in that statement somewhere. Doesn’t that fit with the pigs?


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Actually the graffiti is kinda cute and colorful

I do love graffiti that warns me of the impending danger I am about to face, though I almost always choose to ignore it!

Apart from the racist bit the graffiti was actually quite entertaining!

It did make it more interesting, I was expecting more from the farmhouse. It was quite empty and dull besides the wording.

I like the graffiti

42... for real? Get on with it!

41 now! I have folders full of stuff I need to process, but it all takes time. I have enough to last me to November currently. This is just some of them.


Nice mix of properties there !

Yesterday was particularly successful scoring 8 hits out of 9, the last one.. us getting booted out as the owner was inside and not too happy. All different, all fun.

The owner inside 😂 😂 😂
Nice find.
8/9 all good or all fails ☹️

WOW - you are an anal prick you know?

You have a certain way of making me feel great for the rest of the day, thank yee so much!

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Good write up fir a place sadly missing in trinkets and character. Although i did enjoy the Minecraft graffiti of the creeper and pig

Yes, not much in this one besides terrible squishy floors I thought I was going to fall through. I swear, one day it is going to happen.

what a building dude...yeah actually it does get kind of colorful with all the greens growing in.

you mean you still have 42 projects which you have visited on pic and still need to write them out? Better get to it dude! :D

you mean you still have 42 projects which you have visited on pic and still need to write them out?

Something like that, it's getting around to writing them all.. they do take some effort.

yeah i see that with all the photo editting work...and there are a LOT of pics!

It’s great when you stumble across a place like this filled with laugh out loud graffitt of the drunken or drugged up local kids, very dadaesque.

Without all the entertainment on the walls, I may have got depressed and tried to swig that piss!

Oh dear god alive!!
That’s a tad different

You shouldn't listen to the bullshit that I come out with, I'm truly not a fan of Urophagia.

Each to his own!
As they say, “don’t knock what you haven’t tried”

Oh wow, creepy looking place! Looks like something out of an SCP wiki entry

Not the creepiest I have done but very dodgy on the upper floor. I thought my leg was going to go through on more than one occasion.

Aside from the Orwellian comment at the end it was a pretty good place. I'd have a problem because the smell of pig shit is part of my DNA and it's not an odor that I miss, frankly. I'd have probably been satisfied with just a whiff.

Probably not a big graffiti rating, either. I really like the tags, but I guess no self respecting tagger is going to risk the smell..

Thanks for an entertaining visit. More equal than others, it seems :)

It could be saved, the foundations of the house seemed solid. New upper floors would be needed, they are too far gone. I was expecting more inside, a downer there was nothing let.

Love the pic with the view of the countryside. The fact that it is so beautiful made me think it was perhaps a picture on the wall at first. Then i realised it is a window. Great juxtaposition

Completely by accident, looks like a painting!

yeah too right. great accidental. Really illustrates the decay

Front door for sure. That ladder looks pretty dodgy. This place looks much bigger on the inside than it did from the outside. Dang, 42 posts! You better get to work!

How long has that ladder been there, why don't they take their tackle with them when departing?

I think that the pigs would have enjoyed those comfy sofas. Despite their little hint of mold

A mix of graffiti quality, as usual. No dead pigs? It's going to need some work to do it up. Watch out for those dodgy floors!

No sign of any animals but I left all the sheds alone as I'm not a fan of pig shit. It was formally a pig farm, that is fact.

the place looks so creepy, its like one of those places where a murderer traps and kills their victim hahah the graffiti looks new and nice, i love the pig part

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Many of the places I go look like a murderer's paradise, you get used to the scenery.

hahaah yes i might

I always get a little chuckle when you talk about exploring outhouses which has a very different meaning in America.

I can guess that's where you take a dump right? Having lived there for a while I am a little conversant with the local lingo.

Yes, what Brits call outhouses, Americans call outbuildings.

Very subtle differences, on this occasion regardless of the name there was much stinky pig shit maturing nicely. Not my thing at all!

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Not much left of that one!