Other Side of India - Wish I could explore more.

It suddenly happened that I came across to this building, just beside the busiest city road. The four storey structure looks to be very old which pulled me to get a a closer look.


This is other side of the India, where many middle class family loves to enjoy their life, and I experienced it today.

It was a regular day, and I went to nearest bank for some work. It was in a biggest shopping complex around the area. After winding up and making way for home, heavy drizzling stopped me to move further. I stand outside the building corner and started making few calls.


Suddenly, lot of noise and shouting started to come from the other side. It was of few kids, and on concentrating better, it was coming from the terrace of this old building, which is just adjacent to the bank building.

The kids were enjoying the rain, and few of them were coming at the edge to look here and there. I noticed few girls using soaps and shampoo to clean their hair.

How many would do that in rain?

But this is India and these middle class kids know how to make best use of the oppurtunity. Even in that heavy drizzle they were happy taking natural shower. I guess they were around 15 and happily dancing on the rooftop.

Wish I could get them closely but the bank building doesn't allow anyone to go to terrace, nor I could get a better view from the ground floor.

Anyway, coming to the point, the building is almost crambling and seems to be very old.


The falling plaster tells the real story. Small window, Few dish antenna, and hanging cloth. Looking at it , I can feel it to be quite congested from within. Few of the family were staring at me from the small balcony area.

I have seen such building after many years. Living in urban part doesn't allow you to find living lifestyle of these people. I wish I could get more of the building, but as the rain stopped I have to make my way, else the security guards start doubting on my activity.


The building does enticed me a lot and hopefully, I tried to get inside it. It's not easy, and without knowing anyone, it's not possible either. But the curiosity to explore the building from withing is not allowing me to relax.

Stay Home...Stay Safe!!

Namaste @steemflow



very interesting read, interesting photos too!


That building does look like it's crumbling! Hopefully that's just on the surface and not structural.

I’m fascinated to learn more about India with the class system, if this is how the middle class live. I've had some insights into the slums, via the occasional programme on tv, but was under the impression that there was a distinctive divide between rich and poor. Now I feel that there is much more of a range in between.

Yes there is a big differenxe between a rich and poor and there exist a class in between called the "middle class" who were struggling hard either to reach upward and doesn't get slide down.
This class doesn't have to loose much and enjoy the life most however the greed to earn more may put them at risk of losing everything...these class constitutes of working class and small business owner......anyway that building were crumbling from outside, and with the amount of noise coming from it, I think it was ok from inside . Many people were living inside...and they were happily enjoying the rain dance.

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City kids may have lost the simple joy when they are pampered too much.


For sure....kids just need enjoyment👍

I guess this is something that we learn as we grow older, to avoid rain. Sometimes I really feel like going on a walk in pouring rain, just to get that feeling, that we had and enjoyed as kids. I've done it too, once last year. 10/10 will do again.

Hahah...in India every person is looking for excuse to go out in rain...and if they have free time they actually oblige it happily.

It's feel quite refreshing once you have a shower in natural pouring water....