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Hello Hive people, how are you?
Hope you are healthy and happy always.
I have been with Hive since March 2021. First, I have to thank @anggreklestari for introducing me to the Hive community and inspiring me to start writing. Even though it wasn't long, I had a very pleasant time here.

Writing is a daily activity that is carried out by everyone. But writing officially on blogs or other media, including Hive is a first experience for me. I am the type of person who is curious, and wants to learn useful new things.
So I ventured to decide to start publishing my self-introduction on Hive two days after my birthday in April 2021 (I am 28 years old).
I hope that Hive will bring me to a new family, new friends, good people and writing will become a new hobby, a new job that produces good results.

At first I thought Hive is a place where people can make friends and share experiences and interests with each other,
It will be a safe space where I can share a little bit about myself, my writing and other things that I think are worth sharing on my blog. So it would be a great place for me to spend some time while I have to stay home during the lockdown.
Because of the epidemic. But then I realized that Hive brought me a lot. Mainly being a new job for me because the covid 19 outbreak made me lose my job.

In the Hive community, I can connect with other people who share my interests. Although not professional but I love photography, travel, nature and food. Apart from sharing my experiences on this topic,
I actually learned a lot from other people. There are so many beautiful places in Indonesia, and it seems the community I often share is Haveyoubeenhere. I also get more motivated by seeing, reading and hearing stories, writings and videos from different countries.

Another cool thing is that I can get upvotes from other people for my posts. As I said earlier while staying at home due to the pandemic, I don't have a job, so the upvotes I receive are invaluable to me during this difficult time. This is also a big motivation for me to write more often.

And finally, I have a lot of new friends who share the same interests as me. They are not only from Indonesia but also from many other countries around the world. This is a great thing because it helps me to know more about the people, culture, history, other countries of the world where I haven't had the chance to set foot. In addition, I also connected with several friends from other regions outside the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Hopefully one day we can meet face to face and share many things.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Hive.
And I still have happy days with Hive.
Thank you Hive, for making me smile again, thank you to everyone at Hive and thank you to @livinguktaiwan for giving me the opportunity to connect with others. Although I don't know you directly but I really believe you are a good person, disciplined, focused on work and I respect you.
Hi from Indonesia!


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Thank you for your kind words @arlaarifin, and I hope one day you guys will have a big meet up once the situation gets better. There are many Indonesians on Hive, and with the right organisation, I'm sure the community will flourish on Hive.

Thank you very much for the support and prayers. Healthy and happy always for you.

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