No One Will Ever Be Like Me

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What I'm about to do I've never done before and no I'm not talking about not talking about myself, that's ridiculous. There will be no shortage of self adoration during todays episode of your guess is as good as mine what happens next. I've only got one shot at this. No test drives or dry fits, dry humps or practice runs. One shot like Johnson & Johnson. One like the only social media platform you'll find me on—Hive.Blog.


I'm @dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know. Hi From Hive. Next time you click on this map and slide to the South Western most region of The United States, you'll see that picture of mios gazing down the Pacific Coast shoreline at nothing and loving it.

I'm from the second largest port city in the country—20 miles south of Los Angeles where sales tax is 2n1/4% higher than the national average, beach attire is worn today and every day and the sun sets daily in your fingertips.




Raise your hand if you skip hyperlinks like family last year during the holidays. Mhmm. I didn't know hyperlink was a word a little over four years ago and now I attach them with little to no effort like quick! Click this!

Has nothing to do with natural narcissistic tendencies each of us possess and not nearly enough embrace, either, that's not it. It's what happens when I get to hyping up my stake in this virtual world.

I began on iOS and still don't own a computer which is hardly significant and you're probably all like "and??" My point is I never logged in or logged off, blogged, vlogged or any other ogg prior to:

𝒮𝑒𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇 𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝑒𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒽, 𝓉𝓌𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓎 𝓈𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝑒𝓃

We just returned from an east coast Yelawolf tour. We caught performances in three different states that year. We are not groupies, only my wife is. I'd been holding a cryptocurrency called Steem on an exchange for at least a year because of a Dan Larimer interview I caught with Jeff Berwick. I was so naive to crypto I subscribed to Jeff Berwick. FWD:

I own this shit and wipe my ass with Steem.

Decorated it myself, whad'ya think? There's nothing on the walls or under the sink or anything anywhere I didn't create myself. Door's always open, stay as long as you want. There's no clocks here. Kick your feet up on something nearby or don't and stay awhile or don't. I'm not going anywhere. Mi casa su casa.

No promises—that's about all I can promise. I don't post the same content over and over so just because you stop by one week and laugh out loud like "Ha! Ha!" and copy/paste it to all your friends off chain doesn't mean I won't offend you tomorrow.

I have no filter which comes with its fair share of checks and balances. On one hand you won't find me in the comment section of a money account with no intention other than to cut in front of the jerk off line. On the other hand, I got five ignores in one day once. It's not always puppies and fiction.


Ask around, they'll say you can count on me. I've never half assed anything and this blog is no exception. I pay attention to criticism and ignore or adjust, fine tuning is never ending like knowledge, my main objective is not reward. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I've never as in ever powered down this account. I entertain, it's what I do.

I won't leave you hangin in the comment section either, stop by any time. I'm always around and I'll drop just about anything for a new joke like what's the difference between a garbonzo bean and a chickpea? I only want one on my face—speaking of didn't see that coming.


That's either sale as in discounted from the original price or sale as in available for purchase. Not sure what to think about coupon books introduced at the elementary level, what's next? Sports book?

I never would've snapped that photo before Hive. I would've laughed it off selfishly and kept all that free entertainment to myself. Not anymore. I own this corner of the world. In this space I'm free to conduct myself rehearsed or unrehearsed and all I need is a connection.

Nature, gardening and fungi, why not? Imported maple syrup from Upstate New York so delectable you add it to pancakes by the drop like Visine? Sure! Original art, street art, reflections, traveliving, LoL and wtf?











Deal. Hardest thing I've ever done though, think about it. I supplied energy up and down tower cranes for 22 years and rode dirt bikes on the weekends. There's no virtual space there. I had AOL once. That's not a joke. Blogging and writing, public speaking and vulnerability are words I either didn't register or buried.

Hive changed that. Some of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me are recorded on this blockchain. Thank you.

It's where I go for inspiration—where I go when I'm inspired. It's where I can't be deleted. Worse they can do to me here is downvote me, those go away like steemit. My mind's been to places recently I thought only other people thought about like writing a book. Painting with natural elements. Drone photography or dive the Great Barrier Reef and all the cool stuff they do on Nat Geo. Not anymore. It isn't why or where anymore, now it's when and see you when we get there.




WTF are those crumbs, and WTF are they doing atop a rather otherwise fine stack of flapjacks...?!?!?!? 😕

Good morning. Never sucks when you stop by my man, I hope this finds you well. I have my eye out for your content regularly. Dang, I just learned it's Friday. I better stop digging or next thing I'll find out what month it is.

She has a little Mr. Coffee grinder but she uses it for nuts—walnuts, cashews, etc. I don't know which those are she ground for the pancakes that am, probably pecans or almonds. Then she serves me, too, believe that?? And if you think I say anything other than Thank you, you're out your mind like dude who hung without saying 'thank you for the reblog @angryman.' 👊🏼

I'm fascinated by you and I think you are weird but really cool. It's always worth reading what you write. You are a very valuable member of the hive :)

I wouldn't trust anyone if they didn't come with a side of weird.

That was really nice @trangbaby, thank you. And thank you for all you do too, I see all your onboarding stats. You, young lady, add quality to this blockchain. Thank you for being so nice. It's been my pleasure following you.


B I N G O..!

We have a winner.!!

He is really coooley weirdly awesomly, right?


Thought you might dig this cover 🤘

Hell yeah. It's cool every once in awhile when your feed sparks a childhood memory.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

i like what i see
So i'm following thee.
Wishing you peace
And wonder which doesn't cease!

Sat Nam

Well thank you that was really nice.
This is my first time responding poetry type.
Glad you found me stop by any time.
This was fun Atma the pleasure's all mine.

𝒟 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒜

i invite you to join me
On an adventure full of fun,
Setting humanity free
With gifts to be won :-)

Tell me more about these gifts you got
A lot of plots thicken in gifts I'm taught
Not a lot are handed out on the spot
Most are bought or at least I thought

i think i will drop the poems for now :-)

Well, i'm a hive-engine $GIFT whale and have lits to give away, for one thing. But i'm mainly referring to KLU tokens, future token of The Matrix-8 Solution. Your learning about the system, asking q's in comments, taking a knowledge test, recruiting and especially being part if the initial group of 50-100 "testers" of the system as a DApp is developed, would be awarded KLU's by community consensus for those efforts that benefit the network. Find out more here

Well it was fun while it lasted. =}

Ok, thanks for explaining, I understand now. Exciting!

I'll read this later, just scrolled through quickly as I'm, headed to the doctor to start the ball rolling with this hip replacement that I had to cancel in April.
New hip on November 16 if everything goes well.

You know that I know a dude that makes Maple Syrup also.
Thanks for the mention in the way of that stack of pancakes.

Later my friend.

I've had such a busy day. We got another puppy for three days but this "puppy" was a 40lb male bloodhound. Woah. Just wants to bark and run and poop shovel size turds. He's ready for a new home now.

You know how cool it is you drop by just to say you'll be back? It is. Status? What's up with the hip?

I'm a dog lover also, but after changing diapers on 4 kids, more times than I want to recall, it's nice when the dog owner takes them home with them.

Drove back to Jersey yesterday and saw the orthopedic surgeon, the same doctor that replaced the first hip.
Everything is a go for Nov. 16th.

Game on.

Doggie heaven. Just admit it, you can't stop.

Stoop and scoop.

iheart dogs more than people.

I hear people say that a lot. I wonder how much they dislike themselves, since they are also a person. 😉


Good morning @eii. You've had your eye on me a long time. Thank you.

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Hive has changed the lives of people as it has done to yours.

. I supplied energy up and down tower cranes for 22 years and rode dirt bikes on the weekends. There's no virtual space there. I had AOL once. That's not a joke.

It’s been really hard on you and I am happy all that is past.

Damn, I love your camera quality, which device did you use?

Good morning Starstrings01. Before I forget cuz I'm good at forgetting things, I don't think you'll have an issue reaching 12k by the end of the year with rewards like this. Got dang! Congratulations. That and you have the longest fingernails I've seen on a dude. 👊🏼

Thanks for stopping by. I don't think we've crossed paths before, it's a pleasure to be met.

The majority of my photos are taken with GoPro Hero 8 Black. Fun fact—their return policy is stellar. No questions, no receipt, no anything. Mine froze on me while in Greece, called them, got through to return people and they shipped me a brand new one in the box the next day—didn't miss a beat. And their durability is incredible! Before I got the shoulder strap to mount it to my backpack, I just wedged it in a strap on my backpack. That thing has fallen so many times from 6' I can't count and runs like a champ!

Happy Friday. Thank you.

@starstrings01 is cool and you're just jealous of his fingernails. I can see the pink polish thoughts now.

Smiles… funny enough, my fingernails aren’t really long to my eyes..

They didn't look that long to my eyes in your music video. 😁

I had reduced the length before the video. It was going too long that I was having thoughts that an incident may occur and all my nails would get removed hence blood rushing out. So I cut it myself..

So you watched my video.. which one?

Oh not nice about your nails. I find nails useful, but only at a certain length. After that, problems, such as you've described.

I watched your cover of "Despacito" and enjoyed it.

I just checked the camera specs and I saw killer 4k videos... Making videos on the device would be 🔥🔥🔥…

About that 12k HP… We would see how things would go. I would be very happy if I get to cross the 12k HP line.

And my rewards, I see them as luck and grace because they come not expected. Sometimes I fear they may not come as it is now, so I thrive for quality and visibility.

@starstrings01, you know this crazy 2 pecenter green-eyed monster?

Not really... tell me more about it

He's got the wildest weirdest humour, tells the best stories, takes some awesome photos and, well, don't tell him I told you this, he's the real deal artist. I've seen the proof.

I'm so glad I bumped into this post. This is such an interesting writing style. Surely, I'll be learning a lot about creative expression from you! I'll follow for more inspiration.

Quick!! 'Is there anything in my teeth?!' If I knew you were gonna be so nice I would've cleaned up a little.. how rude.

This is me working on saying thank you in a variety of ways cuz when someone's cool like that and even reblogs me?! 'You're summonsed to stop by more often' sounds kinda forward.

Thank you. I'm flattered. From someone who puts together this, it means a lot.

Yo, I am the one who should be flattered coz you replied to my comment. Thanks for appreciating my entry as well. After I read yours, I hoped you would win.

you do know it's rude to show a pile of pancakes that we can't eat???!!!!!

And honestly, you didn't know about my pet project?

I know it!! A whole frikkkn year. How embarrassing. Must have something to do with you're just so got dang active in this world we've created I can't keep up with you!


Good morning!
That title is perfect for this article . I listened to the song with said title and thought ah ha, I get it.
You most certainly are a unique fella.
Glad I met ya. You have helped me so much on this adventure, before hive, I dabbled in FB, mostly to see pictures of friends kids or special occasions , I still drop over there now and then. But writing and meeting people from all over the world is a whole new experience and I do enjoy it very much.
Thanks to you, I stuck to it and learned. I almost threw in the towel a few times but bob always encouraged me to stick with it , “it’s a great way to document” for future generations.
Plus, I love to cook. And #fff became such a fun place to be. That was my first experience on the blockchain, of course at that time I had no idea what kinda chain it was. I came here blind as a bat. I am still learning and that’s what it’s all about .

So I want to say once more
Thanks 😊
You are quite a character, always enjoy visiting you.

Say hello to Pura

That's so cool you listened to it farm-mom. I think you're the only one who did. I've been a big fan of POS for at least 20 years now. You and I probably have the same phrase picked out for "POS." I hung out with him at a party once and remembered to ask. His name is Shane, he said "growing up my grandma always called me Pissed Off Shane, POS for short and it stuck."

How cool is that?

I couldn't get that title out of my head while putting this one together. Just kept playing over and over and over and..

I'm glad I've been able to help you, it's my pleasure, and you know where to find me. May sound like a broken record by now: I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

Getting to virtually know your has been my pleasure @farm-mom, thanks for being you.

Hugs from Pura. Maybe we should consider an #fff reunion. 🤔 I think maybe just typing it like that will spark conversation.

I just found this unrehearsed song he did live on acoustic guitar 13 years ago. If you like that, go grab the big guy and turn up this 8 minute track by FKJ & Masego. Get comfy and....


(might wanna share that one with the kids)

Tadow! wow very cool track. Those two guys really showed off their musical talents.
Once they pulled out the saxophones, they had me. Love that sexy instrument, always have.
Going to share with Bob later, he's out picking up supplies for the interior of the new addition. We should be running wire, then insulating later today, unless Tadow takes over. hehe

So, POS huh, maybe yours could be POA, Pretty Outrageous Arts. Idk, let me think about it.
#fff reunion is a great idea, let me know when, I'm in.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

That! Right there!! That's exactly what I mean by the nicest things I've been told are right here.

Please know how appreciative I am. 💖 Force that dude to sit down and enjoy it. Thank you for the reblog @farm-mom.

My pleasure!

Yay! 🤗
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Hey @dandays, thanks for the boost brother, love it!

Oh boy isn't that nice, thank you very much.

Loved this! Your originality, realness and humor are always worth a visit. It was interesting learning that you started all of your blogging, writing etc right here on this blockchain. The only other social media platform I was apart of before this was, ya know, that Book that shows Faces. That was short lived as it wasn’t for me.

I think it’s fun posting about a variety of things so neither the author or reader gets bored.

I enjoyed all the photos and your wife is beautiful! Thanks for another entertaining read ~

My pleasure croshielle (spLeLed it all by myself that time!), thank you more than THIS. I'm glad we met. You're refreshing for this blockchain and it's my pleasure to entertain you.

One thing your comments don't do is suck! I think I'll read it about 10 more times before I start my day. Thank you for being so nice. That virtual pressure against your cheek was me. 😘





Shhhh... she hates it when I do this.


Whoo Hoo! Wait…🤔…almost there. Just switch the middle e and i. 😅🤓

Awww thanks so much. ☺️

One thing your comments don't do is suck!

I can definitely say the same about yours! 😉

Wow so GORGEOUS! Oops sorry too loud Wow she’s so gorgeous!

I love that you show off your wife. It’s a beautiful and encouraging thing for husbands to see. You are truly blessed ~ 🤗

Never fails, E—I am either the last to find out or first to get it wrong. Hashtag consistency.

I have time today, I think I'll practice patting myself in the back.


Nice to finally meet you. Real McCoy or is it Hatfield..?

You did nothing but gain points in my game of life. You are REAL. I don't do FAKE.

Stay REAL my MAN...


Some of my best friends are in my head...


And so are all of my worst enemies. :insert coo coo cock: I think the problem isn't the person or the voices, people and voices are Mornal. I think the problem is they're ignoring the wrong ones. Or at least that's what one of my good ones said.

I better! If you ever feel the need to deduct a point, give me a heads first and I'll take my own head off with the butt end of a shotgun.

"I better! If you ever feel the need to deduct a point, give me a heads first and I'll take my own head off with the butt end of a shotgun..."

In a fictional scenario...

Cause we both know that could never happen to one of us... right?

wink wink, nudge


Don't shoot shotgun?!? Bigger than this image.


You're one of the few people here on Hive whose clickbait actually works as I simply HAVE to see what you're wanting us to see!
Hive is an even better place with you around; you have a wsy with words @dandays, your blogs always has me chuckling quietly to myself!
Thank you for being YOU!

I felt the love in your message, that was nice.

Good morning (afternoon, evening). Only thing better would've been I stopped here first. I think I checked about 3-4 notifications before this one, that's about 3 or 4 too many!

I'm so glad you think so, @lizelle, thank you. Pura labeled me wordsmith (plus a couple others I probably shouldn't admit) way back when we first met and if I wasn't.... I never woulda landed a 10. 💖

You, young lady, I've had just as much pleasure getting to know you.

Click bait. Yes! It's working!

Wait. What? Not one comment about the phalic mushrooms?🍄

Those are mushrooms, are they not?😂
All the worldly places you traveled to that could be something entirely different.
Just sayin' @dandays🙈🙉🙊

Enjoyed the variety "fun pack" of photos. Truly.

And you'll get a laugh out of this one. Before reading everyone's comments I skimmed over (what I later learned was) the lizard photo thinking it was an image of eyewear protection, perhaps tanning bed googles. Strange I thought.

Then I went back and 🔍zoomed in🔍 on my smartphone


Why yes that fungi is magical!

I mean where else can you post an indoor grow farm, shrooms and both you and your wife's face like yeah... and? =D

Good morning Nina, sure do appreciate you keeping an eye on me. Two days and a handful of comments later, I'm as surprised as you are nobody said "really, shrooms?!"

I wanted to get closer to the porn action but the brownish colored one had jump in his eyes. When the green lizards left the green section only one turned brown like the other green one forgot it was green - Magical

Thank you 💖

Thought I'd return before the weekend was over and reply back to yuh ou instead of my customary and unintentional dropping off the face of Earth.

I will leave well enough alone and tip toe around discussion about what the off white stains on the wooden boards in the lizard photo were from!🦎🦎

How was your weekend? @dandays
Hopefully not just scooping up dogpiles!💩
Made any progress with your German Shepherd breeder plans?🐺

You're a sweetheart. The raising Germans is still a dream, we talk about it regularly. We're thinking when we get back to England, we'll at least get 1. I know where I'm getting our first already—been in contact with them in the Czech for years. The dream requires parking, room, privacy, etc and neither of us can sit still! Being in one location this long is for the birds!

Great news! Cupcake and Ganache were both adopted out. Love it. Then we had Tate for three days, he needed somewhere to chill away from the other dogs while his deworm medicine took effect and DAYUM.

Tate was a 12 week old Bloodhound. I had no idea. Ever fostered or watched a Bloodhound? He was all 45 lbs at 12 weeks and barks at everything, even when he snored! He was cute.

iheart dogs more than people.

Just enjoying the interactive map....then after that, I feel I need to Google the first biggest port city and compare the interactiveness of their map....could be a late night for me.

Other quick observations.

  1. Bearden Elementry sounds like the name of a bizarre gay porn movie involving twinkies and very hairy fat blokes.


  3. You're obsessed with Sherbert Dip Dabs . We are very progressive with our attitude to 'candy' for small kids in the UK!

That's really cool you linked fun dips. My wife's father was born in Halifax, I always hear about him and how he loved fun dips so anytime they're mentioned it's sweet.

Wassup Nathan? Glad I'm able to keep you entertained sir. Thank you.

The largest is Los Angeles (City), 20 miles north on US 710. LA County (Long Beach is in LA Co) has 1&2. I thought Long Beach was the biggest and LA didn't rank before I did this. Oops. I'm not sure the others but New York and Texas probably rank up there somewhere. And in case I haven't successfully confused you, Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County are two different things, both Long Beach and LA City are in LA County. Tada!

Motörhead. You've probably heard of them. I have a couple different "Long Beach" shots. That one was for my Brits in attendance. 👊🏼

  1. You've got quite the imagination......

Gotta keep those coupon book advertisements out there man! Just make sure the gecko's aren't banging under that sign or elementary school kids will get the wrong idea.

I haven't learned of this Hi from hive thing yet either! Looks like I'll be spending some time to get myself onto that, since it ends sooner. Thanks for the heads up, even if it's a little late!

It's fun to write about all the different things and get some awesome friends along the way. Maybe you'll one day figure out how to read encrypted Hive memo's 😆

I can't wait! That's how non tech savvy I am, what a nerd huh? I can't even read a got dang message on my own got dang chain. Don't tell anyone!

I reblogged the contest a couple days ago. I was a little late learning of it too, Lizelle showed me. Then I learned the initiative's been around a year.. yeah. A whole frikkin year.

Thanks for keeping up with me cmplxty. 👊🏼 Always a pleasure when you stop by. Did you check out that POS track I linked in the comment section? It's where I got the title from. In case....
De La Souls.

Hahah the gecko with the infinity gauntlet is great.

You can download the hive keychain app. It's awesome and all you need to read memos. Just add your memo key. I do all my active key transactions on the app now instead of hive signer. It's easy peasy!

I'll check out the track when I'm back on wifi, taking some trips to farms and stuff while the weather is good!

I sadly didn’t read about it until you posted about it, I don’t have enough time to get to my feed most days lol I just do my communities, get some comments and I always make it a point to check out one post of someone who comments on one of mine, as a way to reciprocate the comment! I think it’s been a nice thing to get in the habit of.

I like your style. I probably shouldn't admit it but I'm so archaic you're like to umpteenth person to tell me do the dang keychain thing and I'm still all only child in the corner with my arms crossed.

I saw you put one up, nice! I'm looking forward to it. I haven't had but a few minutes to consume in the past several days but this evening is looking clear.

Til then..

The keychain app is super easy man, trust me. I love that it works on phones now! You have an iPhone right?

Yes. iPhone. How does the keychain app help with my ecency app for example? You're a good dude to know.

The keychain app is awesome. I use it on my iPhone now almost daily. You set a passcode pin and then enter your keys for whatever accounts you need to add to it (I have a few accounts I’ve added to it, like my Leo alt among some other token alts) then the keys stay on your phone locally instead of stored on a server somewhere. It’s safer (if one of the services that PeakD or Ecency uses gets hacked for example) but the added benefit is you can add the memo key. Keychain is the only supported key platform that uses memo key to my knowledge. Add the security of saving the keys on my device and inaccessible without the pin and it’s a solid app to have. You also get a browser function in there so you can go to any website or you can go to the hive ones which is cool. I have PeakD, peakmonsters and leofinance loaded up so I don’t have to worry about any transactions needing my active key. I claim account creation tokens on the PeakD site, stake some Leo and check my peakmonsters balances and delegations and make changes without breaking a sweat. Any time you do a transaction like that it asks you to verify. You can even tell it that you don’t want to be prompted for verification and you do whatever you want no sweat.

Ecency is good for everything else you want to do (post, comment, vote) but I really prefer to do anything that requires my active key on the keychain app. I was so happy to learn that they came out with an iOS version for phones! I use it on my laptop every day, so using it on my phone was great.

All you really need is to enter the 3 keys on the app. Active, posting and memo. Then you never have to enter them again. The huge bonus is memo.

Thanks man! I'm the type who needs pictures, thanks for drawing pictures. So you just do transactions in keychain? I don't understand what's so bad about transacting in Ecency.

I went to the App Store, there's only about 500 "keychains." Nerd alert! Got a picture of the one I need?

Real shit.🏵💮

Posted via

I faked it once and slipped. 👊🏼

speaking of didn't see that coming

No kidding, that was hilarious :D

Love your writing style dude. Keep 'em comin'.


My pleasure @brandt I really appreciate that dude, for real. Thank you. It's all because of you guys.

Edits included I read that line probably 20 times and even telling you this I can't help it. Didn't see that coming?!?!? I laugh every time.

He words it out like no other, 🤣

Are those salamanders making out or eating each others? Both? We are happy to have you around here Dandays, you are way more efficient that the J and J jab.

Yooo. My man. I'm not sure about the lizards. It was weird—seemed like the green one was sick and couldn't change colors.. I'm not sure if they were lovers or brothers.

You've been instrumental in my confidence. Like that? No really, thank you.

Unless we talking about mortality efficiency, and in this case, the jab wins 😁

Nice one, looks like you definitely carved yourself a place on here. That Restaurant looks familiar At least the theme.

Maple syrup... That's one down side here they cant make a good pancake. So I always gotta make my own. Other downside is Maple Syrup is expensive.

Keep on keepin on.

That one was on 4th street. You know Junipero at Ocean Blvd? That's where I lived, on Ocean. Lolas is one block south at Cherry on 4th Street. My favorite falafel joint in the whole world, trust me I've tried to beat it, is directly across the street—The Hippie.

Do you follow @thebigsweed? They take homestead to a whole other level. It wasn't until a few years ago I learned the process of cooking off maple syrup through him. It's practically identical to cooking off moonshine. Heat, steam, cook, hours and hours and hours. I didn't know that. Explains why they charge so much.

But you know what? I don't know wtf is in those bottles. I've had real syrup now.. those bottles taste nothing like it—imposters.

True about the syrup and @thebigsweed always try to catch the posts. They seriously cook with gas on the homesteading content.

Anything but real maple syrup tastes like sugar water to me now days. No Flavour.

Strangely enough , My uncle Mike used to do gigs in the area with my mom over at the end of the strip, way way way back in the day and your pictures struck a memory.Mighta been the mushrooms.

His adopted brother lived by my guess 10 minutes or so from your old digs in a shitty apartment on East Broadway above a pizza place. It was about 10 foot square but he always let us camp there when They were workin.

Good man. Wonder what happened to him.

Thanks for sharin, keep writin and well keep readin.

My pleasure. Thank you for sharing. Hell yes, I know East Broadway perfectly man, can't let that one go. I'd love to tour you and Ed through Long Beach myself. Shoot over into the fashion district, jewelry district, toy district in DTLA. Back the coastal route; Santa Monica, Manhattan, Redondo and back to Long Beach, either the Aquarian or The Hippie. Good shit.


Ill take a ticket man. I never got to see much just the highlights. Booze,clubs,Drugs repeat

wait a minute... on reflection it would have been better to do them myself. i want 4 tickets. 2 for me and 2 to make sure.

I would just like to say that this was an interesting post. I like your writing style. I was also being nosy and reading your comments and want to thank you for the one about the GO-PRO, mine freezes and gets so hot that I have to take the battery out to shut it down. Since it is over 3 years old I figured they would not do anything about it but now I will try to contact them and see if they will fix it or send me a new one. I would send you pizza or beer like I see people doing but I do not know how to do it. So please accept my huge THANK YOU. One more thing, I think you would do well writing for #freewriters.

I'd just respectfully decline anyway, funny enough we just had pizza so I'm full and I don't drink. =)

I invite you to be nosy, poke around, let me know if you see anything out of place. I'm a Princessy typical Californian who expects the person on the other end to pick up half way through the first ring, trust me, GoPro's return policy is unmatched. Glad I could help.

The ladies legs you thought was light when you commented on this one, who was she?

You've been here quite awhile, I'm surprised it took this long to find me, where the hell you been?!

Tell me more about #freewriters please. Is there a main account that runs it with information I should follow? What's it about, a community or a writing initiative or both or? Did you think I'd ask this many questions? Do they bother you?

Pleasure to be met @myjob.


Your questions do bother me, never said anyone on Hive. #freewriters is the community and @mariannewest gives us a prompt each day and we write for 5 minutes, there are not any set rules, you can go under or over the 5 minutes, but most try to keep it within. On Saturday you can write the week's prompts or just choose one and write about it. The picture you are referring to is from #freewritehouse it is one they choose, it is called a picture is worth a thousand words, @mariannewest always puts a link to it on her freewriters post. I hope to see you writing with us. Also, nice to meet you @dandays

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

That was a depiction of the guy I know, to the tee.
I'm glad to see you playing it safe with your bike rides these days, heck you're even wearing a funny helmet.
(I only want one on my face) LOL
Only funny though if your answer is garbanzo bean.

Thanks for the mentions in this post and in the replies.

I hope Pura is doing well!!

Later my friend, time to gather a few more nuts.

Do you know the difference between walnuts and nuts?


have yourself another great day.

Oh heck yes I know the difference.

Thanks for stopping by again sir, only the coolest Up State'er stops by to say I saw you but don't have time right now. Stops by, gives me his time, and then thanks me again.

Imagine a world where everyone led by example.

Ps - iheart humus.

The man's got grand children sprouting up left and right and taught Americas children for 40 years or something crazy. I can't say SIR big enough.

They did a lot weird shit back then like plow farms with donkeys and behead women for practicing witchcraft.

Since 1828

They did a lot weird shit back then like plow farms with donkeys and behead women for practicing witchcraft.

And that's changed how? Oh right, it just became more technologically savvy.

Terrible misleading dictionary you reference by the way.

Things are called new for a reason.

If I ever need an agent, you would be my guy. 😁

Complete kick butt photos! Love the one where, I assume, it’s Pura, pinching the sun.

I have to ask, why are you staring at shoe print marks in the sand on the beach? Is there some wisdom I’m not aware of?

Good to know you’re a hyperlink skipping skipperoo. Thanks for the sucker flashback to childhood dental visits. The teeth thing never stops being toothed with you.

The coupon books are haunting me now. Thanks for that.

I’ve never seen breakfast like that and quite frankly, all of it scares the absolute bear eating cherry crap out of me. Btw, ever seen a pile of that?

That looks like fake maple syrup to me. Definitely not true Canadian Maple Syrup, like liquid gold, nothing better.

Seeing you on a bike like that, I can totally picture you in your 20’s now. Love that shot. Love the hat. Why are you wearing camo shorts to the beach? Those aren’t camo for sand.

Gooood morning the time is 64 hundred Eastern with a 5mph south wind. Sun rises in 26 minutes. Cloudy today with rain and more on the way in the mid to low 80's and you know what they say about "today....." It's convenient when you don't know what day it is.

Tire tracks. When I'm on a beach like that, sometimes I'm overwhelmed to figure out if it was a jeep that made the tracks or a truck. This could take awhile.

I wanna tell the story so bad right now about the lady who was cutting coupons yesterday at the pharmacy. But I think I've been talking too much shit lately about how disgustingly obiese these Chick Filet eating, donuts for dinner stuffing, car tires for shoes wearing fat ass people Tennessee people are so I won't.

Coupon books... yeah I got nothin.

I've had maple syrup in a lot of places. We usually go for agave because syrup is outrageously priced. After following @thebigsweed and learning the process is identical to moonshine, it takes a lot of time so I understand the price tag. But he's sent us syrup from his farm and now I have nofa king clue what's in the syrup jars on the shelves here or Canada or anywhere else.

Camo?? :confused emoji:

Thank you

That's the most unusual meditative track figuring out position I've ever seen. Good thing it's on a beach. You can pretend you're asleep.

That coupon cutting story and crap about it

Real Maple Syrup = Liquid Gold

Best price on a litre of the quality stuff direct from a sugar shack, about $23, last time I bought it.
I had it yesterday. I've had it so much, I don't care if I have it or not. How about that?

But he's sent us syrup from his farm and now I have nofa king clue what's in the syrup jars on the shelves here or Canada or anywhere else.

Good, you need to taste the real stuff so you know all the fake stuff on the store shelves. Right @thebigsweed?

Camo?? :confused emoji:

Look at your photos, lol.

Always a pleasure to read your posts. I'm guaranteed entertainment plus all kinds of interesting nuggets and cool photos, you closet artist.

Look at your photos...

I still can't see them.

Thank you so much. What you said, that stuff just now about entertaining and stuff, that is what I mean by the nice things I hear.

For being artsy as you describe, I should have a better thank you reply.

Oh my word, you can't see your photos? Now I'm really concerned about those green eyes.

You're welcome, it's all true. Of course I have to slide in some snark there, just cause it's you.

For being artsy as you describe, I should have a better thank you reply.

I just want to see you do more art, very selfishly of course.

You are so right, definitely not true Canadian Maple Syrup, but it's definitely pure Grade #1 Amber, New York State Maple syrup.

Thanks again @dandays, you've got our syrup traveling around the globe. 😁

Oh that's sweet, Grade #1 Amber. I'm so happy you've given @dandays a true appreciation for real maple syrup.

40 something years secrecy is absurd.

You need to go to a real sugar shack, get down directly with whole experience. You're so missing out on a golden experience.

I just barely learned sugar shack was a thing yesterday and now this.

Cupcakes and Ganache got adopted! Ahh yeeaah.

😂 I feel for you, while I eat pancakes with real maple syrup.

YAY, successful adoption!

That is the least we could do for a dude that has come to our rescue more than once here on #hive.

I can only second that, @dandays has a heart of gold, but shhhhh, I'm probably not supposed to openly say that.

You know that tune they whistle in country western type flicks when they're in a stare down? Tumbleweeds roll all lopsided and sideways across the dirt road and that whistle is whistling...


😂 I just got the entire flashback trip from