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I read your post and you achieved a lot here on HIVE. I respect that and I'm happy for you because I've devoted my life to help others.
I started with Steemit in July 2006 and I don't know anybody who earns any money with Steemit or Hive here in London. I know that many people in Venezuela, Nigeria and other countries earn some HIVE and STEEM.
I'm not that active on Hive as much I'm on Steemit but I still post regularly.
Apart from #thealliance members, my posts have rarely received any good upvotes here on Hive but it's fine for me. In order to live in London, you need a lot of money and Hive in most cases would never change anybody's life here.
Hive exists because of Steemit and not the other way around.
I really liked your post. Thank you for sharing!


I see Hive as the better and Upgraded Version of steemit. I don't use steemit because I am very much invested in Hive.

I understand that things there are very expensive compared to here. So you may not really see much benefit in the rewards you get but guess what, people are making it big on Hive gaming. I read a post of someone making about $25,000 playing games on Hive.

Thank you so much for replying!

I try so much to reply every comment on my post.. Sometimes, I forget. You know how the mind of humans are...