Especially after making the first post after their introduction. When I started, my brother started with me and he was saying, I give you a year time you would have given up and left. He said that because we were not really earning much on our post rewards and we struggled a lot.

The difference between him and I, was that I was willing to engage and get to know people, understand the platform the way it works but him, he was more about what he could earn quickly in lesser time. That is the most reason why if I ask him to come back to Hive, he would say he doesn't have the time.

Truth is, if I become a whale on Hive tomorrow, he would surely come back because he would have seen a easy way out.

🤣🤣🤣 I get his feeling. I'm also facing same problem with people I onboarded. All I can do is keep encouraging them. It doesn't come in a day. It's a process.