Food looks great as does the restaurant, spotlessly clean @ace108

@tipu curate

Thanks. I think being first one there for dinner gets to see it rather clean.

It’s sad to see big restaurants looking so empty and desolate. I hope businesses will pick up very soon!

It gets a bit crowded later. For us, it's becoming difficult to get seats on weekends in many place because the restaurants have to have social distancing measures which end up with less usable seats.

Oh! Social distancing in restaurants!! That isn’t possible here! But it happens naturally as people don’t eat out often any more! Bad economic conditions!

We have many food centres and food courts that are quite crowded without social distance

Oh! So it’s quite normal like here!

I wouldn't mind sushi right now

I love Japanese food. The 2 times we've visited I was in orgasmic food heaven. As soon as this covid stuff is under control I want to go back there right away