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Mooncakes are banned from here, ever since 2020 I know they are sold in Malaysia, China, Singapore, and a few other Asian countries. I know they said they would have them for the festival this year. Have you eaten them before? What do they taste like?

They are a seasonal item that they only make for this time of year. Sort of like Starbucks only serving pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. Once winter hits, they go away until fall again. For some reason, they came out early this year.

I hope you enjoy your mooncakes! :)

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#MarketFriday loves you!

Yes, i have them during the festival. I wonder why they'd be banned. I know some of them are too sweet for me. While they are available during the festival, the lotus paste used in filling most of them are also used in making buns. Soke if the dimsum place should have the lotus paste buns.

I enjoy your posts. However, they make me hungry! So much yummy-looking food!

Thanks for visiting.

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