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Hello everybody!
I went to the supermarket and bought a few packs of Shiitake Mushrooms which have not been opened yet in my kitchen cabinet. My family love to eat noodles, whether it’s fried, boiled in soup, braised or dried, all they like it. This afternoon, I prepared to cook a braised mushroom noodles for my family lunch.
When I opened the fridge, I saw there were eggplants, Cai Sin, fried bean curd, chili, and corianders in it. These materials can all be used as an addition to the braised mushroom noodles.
Now let me share with yoy my home-cooked vegetable dish, braised Shiitake Mushrooms noodles. The ingredients include Shittake Mushrooms, eggplants, Caixin, fried tofu, fried yuba, chili, corianders, and of course Koka noodles. The condiments are: Shitake mushroom powders, sesame oil, vegetarian oyster sauce, peppers, and salt.

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First, rinse all the vegetables, and mushrooms, and then cut into small pieces. Add the cur Shiitake mushrooms with sesame oil, vegetarian Shiitake oyster sauce, and peppers to marinate at least 2 hours to make it taste good. (It can be marinated in fridge for overnight, it will be more delicious)

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水煮沸腾后,就可以放入腌好的香菇,炸腐竹,炸豆干,茄子,煮10分钟,让它们入味。然后,放入KOKA 面。

After the water boils, you can add Shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, fried Yuba, to cook for 10 minutes to make them taste good. Then added Koka noodles to continue cooking.

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接着,就可以放入菜心,辣椒,麻油,素香菇蚝油,少许胡椒粉,和盐, 搅拌好,大约3分钟就完成了。

Then can add in Caixin, chili. Sesame oil, vegetarian oyster oil, little salts, peppers, stirring well for 3 minutes, then it is ready to be served.

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After serving, add some corianders to enhance the color presentation of this braised mushrooms vege noodles.

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Hopefully you like my home-cooked vegetarian meal.
Have a blessed weekend! Stay safe and healthy always.
Thank you for reading! :)))


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