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Hello everybody!
Last weekend because of my family wanted to buy something in China Town. So we went to China Town and had lunch at a nice vegetarian restaurant.



The government allowed dining up to 5 pax. It was just opened for 2 weeks, the numbers of new Covid-19 cases suddenly rinsing due to Jurong fishery port and KTV clusters. Now government announced HA back to Phase 2, no dining is allowed. Everybody quite disappointed to the announcement.



This was my 1st time visit to Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant. The restaurant is a banquet for dining event, party and wedding celebration. The food pricing here is higher compared to other normal vegetarian restaurants.



When we walked to the restaurant, there were only 2 elderly dining inside. I think because of the pandemic destructed the restaurants business so much, cause less people visit the restaurant. But we decided to try this vegetarian restaurant food.



The environment was so quiet at the beginning when we were seated. But after that, the customers slowly came in to this restaurant too.



The interior of restaurant is very tidy and widen, full curtain in front of glass panel wall and full carpet for flooring.
Let’s see what we had ordered:



1ST dish was Stone Hotpot Herbal Lion Mane Mushrooms. Food price is S$16.00. The lion mane mushrooms is so fresh and yummy, with the Chinese Herbal gravy. Perfect matching! This is highly recommended dish.




2nd dish was stirred fried Kale Vegetables. The Kale was very fresh, juicy and crunchy to eat. It was like freshly pick from vegetables plot. The added seaweed and vegetarian mushroom floss enhanced the taste of the stir fried vegetables. Good to eat together with plain rice. The food price is S$12.00.




The 3rd dish was Sauce Vinegar Fried Strawed Mushrooms. The food price is S$13.00. Taste average. It was served in small portion.



IMG20210703143903 copy.jpg

After lunch, we went to a most popular supermarket in China Town. It is not only attracting many China customers, local and foreigners also like to visit this supermarket. It is called Scarlett Supermarket Chinatown. There were selling many products imported from China which’s hard to find in local supermarkets.


IMG20210703143913 copy.jpg

Besides that, they also selling fresh vegetables and fruits imported from China. This supermarket has strong China ambience which makes me recalled back my Shanghai Trip on 2017.
Wishing you have a great day!
Thank you.



The mushrooms look fresh and yummy with those herbs and spices

Hi @anggreklestari, thank you for dropping by. Yes, it was definately tasty! Fresh and matching well with herbal gravy.

Love your Foodie post!

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