Drum and Gimbri 🎶 | 手鼓和吉布林琴🎸



Drum and gimbri are among the fundamental instruments for traditional Moroccan music. In this post, I'm sharing with you some photos I took of local people playing these instruments.

When camping in the Sahara Desert at night, the Berber hosts invited us to join them in playing hand drums. It's so much fun and relaxing to sit by the bonfire, enjoying the vibrant Berber beats and sweet mint tea!

They taught us how to play the drums and the qaraqib. Qaraqib is a kind of large metal castanet with two pieces in a set, and you can hold one set in each hand to make music. But I believe I made more noise than music when I was trying them out.:p




A few days later in Todra Gorge, I saw groups of local men playing other types of drum:





At last, it's a musician performing at a traditional riad in Marrakesh. The wooden instrument is called gimbri or sintir, a three-stringed "guitar" covered with camel skin. The sound it produced was similar to a cello. I was also impressed by the elaborate decorative pattern on its body.



All content by @itchyfeetdonica
图文 by Donica


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微单拍的 晚上沙漠里太暗他们又在动 手机估计拍不清楚


前年被我抛弃换成三星了😂 你现在用爱疯吗

我记得以前问你照片你说是苹果拍的,觉得超级赞,哈哈, 我一直用谷歌的手机。

是的 前年断更前都是爱疯4,7 后来换时觉得性价比偏低就换安卓了 谷歌的怎么样


Cool! I enjoyed learning about the different instruments. Fun to sit by the fire and enjoy the tradition, culture, and music of the people.

Absolutely! That's the charm of traveling. :)