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Winter here in Sydney can be pretty bad especially at night. I normally like to have a small supper after the kids go to sleep when I either go online or watch tv. I usually have some cup noodles, cuppa soups or left over dinner handy so I can heat it up as I do want something warm so late at night. I found some noodle soup from Daiso which thought I would give it a try because it’s a new product plus imported from Japan.

悉尼的冬天非常冷尤其是晚上大多時間都是開著暖爐. 小朋友晚上睡了得時候,我就會喜歡吃一點宵夜,慢慢上網或看電視. 平常會吃杯麵,即食湯或剩下的飯送,一定是暖的東西. 最近在日本的 Daiso 找到一包即食湯面所以就買會加試試.

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At $4.80 it’s not cheap as a cuppa soup but on the packet it does say it’s bowl size so I’ll hoping it’s a bigger serve than what we normally get from the supermarket. Very easy to make, put a noddle pack and soup packet add water and stir.

這包即食湯面要 $4.80 有 3 包. 包裝印著份量是一小碗所以都希望吃完可以飽一點. 這類即食湯面很容易做,放面和湯包進杯或碗裡加水就可以吃



I decided to use a bigger cup rather than a bowl for easy consumption on the couch. The noodle were like vermicelli and I left it in the hot soup for 3 minutes before eating it. Taste wise, it was delicious. The flavour I bought was tonkotsu and it really tasted like the ramen stock. The noodles was substantial for a quick supper meal and letting the noodles sit on the hot water for a few minutes did it’s trick and let the soup absorb the yummy stock. I do think $4.80 for 3 soups is pretty expensive as I could get a can of Campbell soup for the same price with more substance and volume. Will I buy it again? Yes I would mainly I love that soup base and it is so quick and easy to make.

我本來拿一個小碗但想在沙發吃所以就拿個大杯子來做這個面. 面條放在湯裡3分鐘就可以吃,面是像米粉一樣. 味道真是非常好吃. 我買的是豬骨湯味,真是很像拉麵的味道. 面餅份量好,吃完非常滿足. 雖然好吃但覺得 $4.80 有點貴因為這個價錢可以去超市買一罐金寶罐頭湯都是同一個價錢而且份量會多好多. 我會在買這個湯面嗎? 我想應該會因為這是很方便而去好吃,貴一點都無所謂.

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That is not spicy at all haha I think the samyang one is spicier.

Damn! It tasted really for me haha :p

I guess not, I am not the best with spicys :p
I just found the other one in a thai market :D

wakakaka I've seen this one before on some Korean show .... yes i wouldn't try that either


hahahaha I think to make it less spicier is to add only half of the paste and add more water. It's really delicious though ^^

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oooooo i can't eat that with the full soup packet cos its too spicy. I only put like half in and its already too much for me


Yes! Not only me thinking its spicy haha.
I did force myself to eat it all + the soup xD

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