Ever Seen A Real Gold Mine? **Victor Colorado**

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This is a live working mine near Cripple Creek (An old gold town, now a Casino area). You can watch it work in real time.

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What up man, long time.

i know brother! just been stepping back and taking a break for a while. good to see you, thanks for stopping by to say hi. :)

Great, nice post after 2 months. 👏

I have watched the gold mining but escape splinterlands, next time!

That’s cool as hell. Thanks

I've never seen a mine, thank you for the link and the video is entertaining :-)

What’s up my dude

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Just pluggin along through life cuz! I'm here everyday just don't post much anymore.

Same here, its such a force of habit, Leo and hive are my worst performing coins but meh I still have a soft spot for them lol

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Yeah that's a huge operation. Leaching the ore and dissolving the rock.

Actually the natural acids and leeching process of alchemy could melt and reform rock. It doesn't disturb the crystals much and then when the pH changes it ends up getting hard again.