“I Have a Dream. Black Lives Matter. アイ・ハブ・ア・ドリーム。ブラック・ライヴス・マター”

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“I Have a Dream. Black Lives Matter.”


I am sorry we are facing this serious, unbelievable, chaotic moment all over the world in the middle of a pandemic. Everybody is suffering and hurting. We are just surviving this moment.

I am going to write about racism today. Firstly, I am sorry for the black man who was killed by the police. Also, I am sorry for his family and friends. I have had my own racism experiences. Additionally, I witnessed racism many times in my life. Recently, we are facing a serious situation. Racism is a sad and ridiculous thing.

I was thinking about all the brave good people who tried to show justice, equality, peace, and love in our history without being violent. Yet, we still have this kind of sad reality.

“I Have a Dream.”- Martin Luther King jr.

His voice is echoing in my brain. I am just sad that we still have some people who discriminate someone, hate, trick, bully someone full of evil spirits. Negativity is such a powerful energy... However, I don’t want to forget that positivity is also very powerful.

I really hope that we are going to break through this negativity with right action. We must stop racism and we should stop letting someone attack and bully us anymore!





“アイ・ハブ・ア・ドリーム 私には夢がある。” マーティン・ルーサー・キング・ジュニア



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About Black Lives Matter ブラック・ライヴズ・マターについてはコチラ: https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ブラック・ライヴズ・マター

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