“Japanese Old Books, Comics , and Magazines 日本の古い漫画と雑誌 [Japanese and English]

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“Japanese Old Books, Comics, and Magazines”

When I cleaned my brother’s room, I saw many old Japanese books, comics, and magazines. There were many art books as well. Some of them were from our childhood and familiar to me. I had no idea for some of them. My mother added her books and records and we sold them to a buyer.

We kept some art books and old Japanese comics called “Norakuro” which was written by Suihou Tagawa (1899-1987). He was a cartoonist and Japanese rakugo (Japanese oral entertainment, storytelling) writer. These were my grandfather’s collection originally. I read them many times when I was young. They have very cool artwork and interesting stories.

The main character is a black stray dog called “Norakuro.” He joined a military force. He tried hard and became a captain and after that he retired. After retiring, he tried many jobs but he couldn’t do well. Finally, he opened his cafe and met his wife. He was not a stray dog anymore.

All characters are animals but definitely described about Japanese war stories. Characters look pretty because they are animals but the stories are very sharp and vivid. I like the final episode called “Norakuro Hourouki (Norakuro Wanderer's Notebook)” about Norakuro becoming a cafe owner. I read it again and again.



たくさんの本の中から美術書など少しだけ母の手元に残したものもあります。それからわたしの祖父の持ち物だった漫画「のらくろ」も残しました。のらくろは、日本の漫画家、落語作家である田河 水泡(たがわ すいほう、1899年〈明治32年 〉 〜1989年〈平成元年〉)の作品です。とても面白いので昔何度も読みました。とてもかっこいい漫画アートで、話も面白いです。



About Norakuro: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norakuro



We got rid of almost all magazines, books, and comics but we kept these Norakuro comics becouse my mother wants to read them.


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