“My Calendar Sense is Getting Weird 日付感覚がおかしくなりつつある”

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“My Calendar Sense is Getting Weird”


This weekend is raining and is probably snowing soon. Enough snow! I wrote about our sense of time and calendar before. Nowadays, I am only working from home. Also, I am studying an online course. When I work with my students, I have to decide the online meeting time with them so, my sense of time and dates are ok with them. My online study course is completely self-study. I should finish my assignments on time but my study schedule is up to me. My sense of time and dates are becoming a little bit loose.

I originally like to make my own schedule. Most of my work is usually up to me so, I don’t mind deciding my own schedule by myself. However, since we started staying home because of COVID19, I think I started losing some kind of my calendar sense. My school job was canceled including June by the Nova Scotian government yesterday.

I have been adapting to this new lifestyle little by little. However, I am still confused about gaps between our life schedules which are mostly connected to our calendar system and this new lifestyle. I was watching my vegetable plants yesterday. They are growing very well and are facing and growing toward to the sun. I think I was forgetting these natural plants’ habits. I should be like them too instead of trying to figure out the sense of calendar. Yes, my dog is also very natural. I have many teachers around me. I want to get back and develop my sense of nature!






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