“Old Memories, Piano Lessons 昔の思い出、ピアノレッスン” [English and Japanese]

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“Old Memories, Piano Lessons”

I took photos of my music workbooks when I went to my mother’s house last year. I was in the primary level and was practicing basic music scores and rhythm at that time. I enjoyed learning musical grammar. I didn't know my mother was still keeping these workbooks. I think it's very fun and good to learn musical grammar from a young age.

My favourite practice was learning about music dictation. Teachers play some songs and I jot down or tell what I heard or play what I heard. This practice was very helpful for me to train in listening. As I learned language, this listening training helped me to catch a lot.

My mother was a piano teacher for a long time. When I was very young, I was listening to her lessons next to her piano room. I was drawing and listening to her students’ piano playing. It was very interesting to listen to the piano sounds. My ears got used to listening to it. I learned some songs like that. I was noticing her student's progress or even their mistakes. When I started to have a piano lessons from my mother, I already knew some songs from listening to her students. However, my mother thought that I should have my own teacher because she felt that she became too serious with me. Then, she found a teacher for me. I wish I could continue learning from my mother.

After becoming a high school student, I couldn't continue my piano lessons because I had a teacher who wasn't serious about teaching. I couldn't tell my mother about that. My teacher was eating her lunch during my lessons. She was always complaining about her life during my lessons. I wished I could ask my mother to teach me again but I couldn't. I met many nice piano teachers in my life though. After quitting piano lessons, I started to enjoy playing the piano by myself using my mother’s music scores and her grand piano. I noticed that I really liked to play the piano without having any pressure.

Although, I had piano concert dreams for many moons even after quitting my piano lessons. I often forgot to practice songs for my concert and was already on the stage next to the piano. However, I started noticing that “This is a dream.” Then, I started to control my dream. After many years, I finally kind of stopped seeing that dream. I saw that dream last year and haven't seen it yet this year.

My mother never pushed me to go to a music university or to become a musician or something but I had a strange pressure on myself for a long time. However, I really enjoyed dipping myself into the music world.

I really like the pianist, Georgii-Hemming Ingrid Fuzjko . Her piano is amazing, deep, and powerful but delicate. Her life is not easy but her piano sound tells people her deep deep life story. When I went to her recital, she smiled and said her "La Campanella" (Franz Liszt) is the best in the world. I totally agree with her. There are many amazing pianists in the world but her “La Campanella” is the best! When my mother decided to retire, I felt a bit sad. Maybe she will teach someone again. Hopefully, I can be her student someday in the future. I am not sure whether my fingers will move well or not!













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Piano is and will always be the true king of instruments. I wish I tried to learn when I was younger, but I know my budget limits. Is a beautiful but expensive instrument. Even a digital piano or "keyboard" is quite expensive and I was more excited about bass. I ended playing that instrument, but I like to write music for piano so someone else can play it for me.

Nice post.

Thank you for your nice comment! Yes, piano is a very cool, classic, and expensive instrument. Almost everyone is attracted by the beauty of the piano for sure. Sounds nice if you write music and someone plays it!

Thank you for sharing this video! I didn’t know this pianist but he sounds very nice. I will listen to it again soon. Thank you! I shared this video with my mother as well.

Sounds good if your kids can take piano lessons. Yes, the cost of piano lesson is not cheap. Plus you need to buy a piano… but it is always good to have a chance to learn some instruments.

I like Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin as well. I also like to watch movies about pianists. The Legend of 1900, The Pianist, Amadeus, Shine, and more! It’s fun to watch super talented musicians. They take me to a different zone!



Your mother was a piano teacher? And you played the piano too? That's nice 😍
I am a piano teacher and my son listened to my playing and teaching already before he was born, but when he was 5, he decided that the violin will be his instrument. He also had piano lessons these years, but with another teacher. Now, when he doesn't have it as a subject anymore, he enjoys playing the piano, and asks me for advice if he gets stuck :)) But his main instrument is still the violin.

Thank you for sharing your nice story with your son. Your story is similar to my story with my mother. Yes, my mother was a piano teacher and I played the piano. Your son is practicing the violin and also is playing the piano right? That sounds very cool. It is so cool that your son asks your advice!

Hi @koto-art! What a nice surprise, that you have seen again your childhood notebooks. Apparently all of us moms are like that, we love to keep all those memories, they are our treasures.

Hi there! Thank you for your comment @tiaene. Yes, I was so glad that I could see my piano notebooks. It was a cute surprise.