“Summer Solstice 夏至” Future Story 未来の話

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“Summer Solstice ・Future Story”

Today is the summer solstice. The weather in Nova Scotia, Canada is very hot and nice these days. Officially, summer has started! Last night, I saw stunning stars and a firefly. I was thinking about Sky people and technology.

I got a new laptop because my old Mac became very slow. I am migrating my data from the old Mac to the new Mac. I screwed up the first time. I accidentally canceled just before completing it. I had to call Apple customer service. They helped me very well. My husband is also helping me a lot with this process. I hope that the migration will succeed.

I was thinking about how PCs or phones became part of us. Some good and some bad. I basically feel positive about our technology. However, I expected to have a more advanced sci-fi looking future life in 2020. Yet, we still drive cars, cook, clean, study without having robotic systems. Maybe I was dreaming too much through comics or movies. I am still looking forward to having a really futuristic looking life with wild nature someday soon.




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