“The River of Stars Part 15 星の川 パート15” Translation and Cut Paper Art 翻訳と切り絵

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“The River of Stars Part 15”

I created this cut paper art, painted the background, and translated the story. Also, I digitally processed it. This scene is one of my favorite scenes. As we know, humans wish and dream about happiness and a peaceful spring and summer after a tough and cold winter. However, these seasons are always short. Happy moments fly away quickly all the time. I feel this scene is also expressing that kind of moment.

Water bugs are very playful and cheerful summer bugs aren’t they? I really liked watching them when I was young. They are great swimmers. I also like to watch water ripple when water bugs swim. I never get tired of watching water and living things in water.

“星の川 パート15”



Image From 画像先: https://pixabay.com/ja/photos/ドロップ水の-ドロップ-影響-578897/

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