“The River of Stars Part 19 星の川 パート19” Translation and Cut Paper Art 翻訳と切り絵

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“The River of Stars Part 19"

I created this cut paper art, background, and translated the story. This is a beautiful scene. The left side of this story is in English with Amanita muscaria mushrooms and Japanese snow bugs. The right side of this story is translated into Japanese with a rainbow trout under the ice. I also digitally processed this artwork.

Have you ever seen Japanese snow bugs called "yuki mushi." Literally, yuki means snow, mushi means bug. In my hometown Hokkaido, we see yuki mushi in autumn near winter floating in the air. When people see yuki mushi, people say "Snow will come soon." I love to see yuki mushi because they are very beautiful. However, if we are riding bicycles, we have to be careful to not swallow yuki mushi. They fly into our mouth very quickly. In Nova Scotia, Canada, I see very similar white bugs but not exactly the same as yuki mushi. I miss seeing yuki mushi.

I took a frozen water picture last winter near my house. There is a small creek next to my house. There is a big chunk of frozen ice. It looks very gorgeous. I took a photo of the big frozen chunk. The rainbow trout in the picture is also under the big chunk of the frozen river. I love to see the water flow under the frozen ice in winter. Of course, it's cold but beautiful.

The old man Therion from this story, he noticed that it's time to leave this dimension soon. That is a sad moment but I think almost all people will understand that time naturally. We all have that type of natural sense. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my artwork and photography. I know it's not winter yet but sometimes it's good to see the opposite season in artwork like seeing winter in the hot summer!

"星の川 パート19”





Photo by @koto-art

Image of Japanese Snow bug-Yukimushi from Wikipedia 雪虫の画像はウィキペディアより
About Yukimushi in Japanese 雪虫についてhttps://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%9B%AA%E8%99%AB

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