“Time to Dankatsu- Decluttering and Tidying Up Activity 断活の時期” [English and Japanese]

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“Time to Dankatsu- Decluttering and Tidying Up Activity”

Decluttering or tidying up: “Dankatsu(断活), Sutekatsu(捨て活), or Danshari (断捨離 copyrighted), or even Konmari(こんまり),” becoming simplest or minimalist is a pretty typical activity these days in our society as you know.

In Japan, we have seasonal cleaning days, especially in December (usually on the 31st but anytime before the last day of the year) before New Year's day is called “Oosouji (大掃除).” “Oo” means big and “souji” means cleaning. This big cleaning day is for good luck for the next year and shows appreciation for our life and health. Also, people change their clothes collections in their closets from spring to summer, summer to autumn, or winter is called “Koromogae (衣替え)” “koromo” means clothes and “gae (kae)” means change.

I like both seasonal events but mine is becoming very simple and not a big deal because I don't want to change my clothes every season. I don't even have many clothes anymore to do Koromogae. However, I often need or want to declutter my stuff when I feel so. In Japan, people have many ways to get rid of their stuff such as thrift stores, secondhand stores, buy-and-sell apps, trading systems, cleaning companies, pawn shops, donations, school bazaars, flea markets, government garbage collection days and more. In my area Nova Scotia, Canada, we have a few thrift donation stores and secondhand stores, a buy-and-sell community, a pawn store, and a free provincial big garbage collection days but it's not as convenient as in Japan. I don't mind donating my stuff but sometimes I want to make some money if it's a valuable thing.

Dankatsu is a very interesting thing to think about my life or a way of living, or even my deep mind or subconscious mind, or more. Sometimes it's very emotional without expecting it. I used to have many clothes, shoes, and books because I liked to surround myself with my favourite stuff. However, I noticed that I felt very heavy and stuck.

When I started dankatsu, I couldn't understand how to do that well. So, I had a rebound situation again and again. When I moved from Japan, I got rid of all of my stuff at my mother's house which I asked her to keep for me for a long time. I was a bit sad to do that but I am glad that I did it. When I visited Japan last summer, I helped my mother to clean our grandparent's and other family members' room and stuff. We took a long time to do that and we were exhausted but we made it! I don't remember how many garbage bags we put out plus two 2-ton trucks for furniture and stuff...

Nowadays, I got used to thinking lighter little by little, and I can sort out my stuff easier than before. It's still difficult to declutter stuff which I don't use if it's not damaged or still good-looking. If I don't get rid of them, these things are taking my space. They are just sitting for a long time without anybody using them. Sometimes it's good to have something nice that heals your mind but if they are just there, maybe it's time to say goodbye. I still make mistakes to buy something which I don't really need to buy but I don't regret it and hold it with my guilty feelings too much like before. I can think lighter than before including my mistakes. "Shikataganai (can't help it)" is not a negative meaning anymore for me I guess.

Recently, I cleaned my closet, kitchen, washroom, shed, and my husband's office. We got rid of a lot of stuff from our shed and donated clothes, goods, and books. I am still debating with some of my shoes even though I put them in a bag but I will figure it out soon. I said goodbye to my old SOREL winter boots. They have "jyumyou (life span)" moments. I fixed them many times but I can't fix the holes anymore. I said many thanks to them to protect me from cold winters for over 10 years!

We are thinking about getting rid of our old sofa which is my dog's favourite sofa. It is so old and we can't feel good sitting there. This also has a "jyumyou (life span)" moment. I will feel sorry to get rid of it soon for my dog but we will find something nice soon for him for sure. It's a good thing that every time when we put our big furniture outside for the free local big garbage day, people take it before the collecting day. Recycling furniture makes me feel good. I try to put it outside nicely so, people find nice stuff!










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持ち物は少ないので捨てると言うより、古くなってしまったもの、特に洋服を徐々に入れ替えて行きたいです :)